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Sell Your Books, Engage Readers To Your Book Collection And Rebuilt Your Library Traffic Through Email Marketing A Smarter Solution To Get Sales

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Book Distributors

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Know How Book Publishers Can Keep Book Lovers & Consumers Going To Bookshelf Space At Bookstores By Email Marketing Software

Booksellers, writers, authors, publishers, editors, librarians, etc today are in question because of disappearing bookshelf space at bookstores and bookshops. The craze which was earlier in readers have disappeared and the annual value of the book market have also fallen down rapidly. This could be just because of publishers are unable to distribute their books to the public, great books are now beyond the outreach of the general public.

But now publishing houses can bring back the craze of books for its readers. Today Email Marketing Service is an affordable & cost-effective application that let booksellers & publishing houses sell multiple kinds of books like novels, biographies, eBooks, literature, health books, magazines, fiction and fantasy books. A supreme collection of books is just a mail away from readers & book lovers.

Emails are one of the traditional & powerful one-to-one communication channels and used daily by nearly everyone, giving it unparalleled targeting capabilities & reach. Bibliophile would love to get emails as they are more convenient, searchable and eco-friendly than any other channels in the market.

Reading takes you to another world let this thought revolve around the readers to why buy anything else when they could be buying books. Librarians with the help of regular email campaigns can bring back the lost traffic to their library again. So, get started with email marketing approach today 🙂

Bring Readers Back To Book Shop By Sending Regular Email Templates

Booksellers, publishers, editors and librarians can now self-design email templates that will definitely hook out for readers to buy books. Through email templates, authors can send a short into of his upcoming edition to grab more attention of the communal. Bibliophile would love to get such emails and they would be pro-active to know more about rest of the story letting you gain popularity, visibility and a perfect market for a self-published author.

Sending regular email campaigns & templates would also keep you in a loop with your readers, save time and more or less eliminate your additional advertising cost.

Some email templates:

  • Best children’s books of 2019 – The Telegraph
  • Get 50% Off Or More On Daily Book Read Shop

 Introduce Yourself As A Writer With Autoresponders & Boost Sales

Email marketing software is the best tool for authors and writers they can self-introduce themselves before the audiences. Authors just have to pre-schedule their emails which will be triggered to the reader’s inbox directly. These emails can be – a welcome mail (self-biography), a list of released books if any, about your books, stories & experiences etc. Readers when getting this kind of emails are more personally attached and interested for seeking out the next mail by you.

An excellent approach of autoresponders are emails which you have to send to your potential readers can also be used for sending to your new subscribers. As soon as any new visitors sign ups your subscription form, he’ll start getting a series of emails which you have set on autoresponder basis.

Some examples of auto series are:

  • Alik Somen – Romance Writer of America
  • Popular Fiction Series Books – Goodreads
  • The 10 Best Fantasy Book Series of All Time

So, now book owners, publishers & authors might have got an idea of how email marketing tool is going to help them in their working and get more sales. Email marketing will definitely take your readers back to the drawing board so start exploring more and hire this service today. I am sure later you’ll find us for sharing your success stories but don’t worry we’ll be here waiting for you 🙂

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Book Distributors

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