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Best Guide For Organizations On How To Successfully Host, Market And Conduct Their Trade Show & Exhibition With Email Marketing

Trade shows are promoted by trade associations who arranges everything to host the successful completion of that industry event. Event guests are company representatives and members of the press. The trade show is incomplete without the exhibitors and the attendees. Trade show presenter should market well so that attendees reaches the place of the event making it a successful trade show.

You can make a proper arrangement of everything if you plan ahead. What all is required to host an event – a proper formal invitation to the attendees, follow-ups to who all are attending, and a thank you message for coming and joining up to the event.

To carry on this whole task there is a one stop solution for the for Event organizers i.e, Email Marketing.

Email marketing today is the most cost-effective, affordable & pocket-friendly MailGet Bolt application to market your trade shows. It can also become exhibitors best customer acquisition and retention tool if used correctly 🙂

Steps Followed By Email Marketing By Trade Show Presenter

  • Send email templates to the attendee for gaining interest prior to the trade show
  • Send emails informing them about the date, time & venue of the trade show to be conducted
  • Send follow up emails to managers and business owners who must approve purchases
  • Send a thank you mail to the attendees, this will build a positive note for attendees

Design A Pre-Show Email Campaign To Drive More Traffic & Sales To Booth

Exhibitors can bring a good amount of traffic frequently to the trade show booth by sending a pre-show email to the attendees. A pre-show mail can do wonders letting the sales managers connect with their targeted customers before the show.

To design this mail trade show presenter can use drag & drop email builder. It is super easy to design an email template, you can add pictures of products, insert video links & more you can redirect customers to anywhere on your website.

Some template examples:

  • Win Cash, Win Rupees, Win Prizes!
  • National Stationery show Visit And Win Prizes!
  • Best Trade Show From Natural Products Expo 2019

Trade Show Presenters Can Manage Your Contact List For Maximum Outreach

A manageable & organized contact list is very essential. It helps you target the right group of a person at the right time conveying your message successfully. The trade show organizers have a big group of trade partners & dealers who give them targets to market their product & services. So, it’s better to organize your mailing list so that you can shoot emails immediately to the different set of people’s.

The biggest benefit with email list management is – it assures exhibitors that their mail is being successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox without being trapped in junk or spam folder.

Pre-Schedule Your Mails To Automate Your Trade Show Process

Exhibitors & trade show presenter has potential clients to whom emails are being delivered prior to the event. But what about the new clients or customers that are unaware of your trade show? How will you contact them later if they wish to join the same, and as you are busy attending the show you won’t be able to communicate with them right?

But No, with email marketing you can set email autoresponder that can be triggered immediately when a new user sign ups your subscription form. As soon as he signs up he’ll receive the trade show invite and every information of the event. Exhibitors can set autoresponders on alternative days or weekly and hit the inbox of your attendees.

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