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Business intelligence firms provides the executives & administration the ability to quickly identify the health of their business. They enable them to seek potential opportunities within the segments of their firm so that they can run their business smoothly.

In order to provide the ability to clients, the business solution providers will have to reach them at the right time when they need you.

Do you think that you are able to reach them at the same time when they need you?

No…..Don’t worry..!!!

It can be possible by sending different type of email campaigns.

Hence we introduce you a cost effective as well as multi-functional email marketing software MailGet Bolt – email marketing service for business intelligence firms.

Using this email marketing tool, increase engagement with your network of potential clients by sending bulk emails for promotion of your business intelligence firms to them. This will deliver better results to your business.

Promote Business Intelligence Firms With Convenient Email Templates

Drag & Drop Email Builder – You can guide your customers via this powerful and responsive email builder. All you have to do is drag that field which you desire from the field section and put it in your email body where you want it or you can also relocate them as per your suitability.

Theme Template – MailGet Bolt offers top & free pre-designed template. You can choose any one from them and can set it according to your business intelligence firm.

Create A Strong Impression On Your Business Clients

When a new subscriber signs-up on your website then it make sense to thank them as well as welcome them. By doing nothing, you can’t build an effective impression on your new subscribers.

MailGet Bolt’s autoresponder feature, enables you to create awareness about your business among new subscribers by sending welcome email templates to them. You can also provide links of your social pages in the templates so that they can get more information about the business intelligence firm.

Divide Your Contacts In Various Groups

MailGet Bolt’s list segmentation feature helps to segregate the contact list of potential customers according to the list of most & least probable user.

It is important to divide the subscribers of your business as this gives your company an idea to examine that which group of targeted audiences can give better results in future so according to this, you can create new strategies in order to focus on them.  

Wouldn’t it be so pleasant if some of the process could be automated for you?

Yes it would be…

Via drip campaign, you can write an email today and can schedule it for the right time in the future. And when right time will come it will send your emails automatically as per your scheduling.

It can save your a ton of time, so you can focus on other work of your business.

Generate More Leads For Your Business Intelligence Firm

You can create sign-up forms and embed them on high converting  places

Such as your websites, social pages etc , so whenever an user will enter all the details in the form, MailGet Bolt will automatically add him in your contact list. After it you can send your promotional emails to that person also.

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