With the bloom of the age of marketing, it has become necessary for businesses to send mass emails about product promotions, related offers to customers & prospective clients.

Email marketing is an effective way for business owners to reach current customers, find new leads & convert those leads into clients. It gives full control of managing the campaigns & allows to establish direct contact with customers.

Choosing the best business email marketing software can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign & must keep you ahead of your competitors. They should:

Provide email templates
Enable the building & sending of emails
Collect, segment, track & manage contact lists
Provide campaign-based statistics and analytics

Above all, a good email marketing service should promise that the emails do not end up in the spam folder. To help you find a suitable software, here is a list of business email marketing service providers for corporate firms, advisers & consultants, stacked with all the above functionalities.

These email marketing platforms are devised on the foundation of a powerful Drag-n-Drop builder, which is an integral part of MailGet Bolt.

1. Email Marketing For Business Ideas Agencies & Consultancies

Promoting the business consultancy agency is a really tough task. Use email marketing to target your prospects by sending them excellent business ideas & offers. Build catchy email templates featuring ideas generating sessions & much more using the email builder tool.

Develop a proper communication channel with the subscribers using drip & autoresponder email feature of this email marketing platform. Send them welcome emails or messages according to the action taken by them.

Business Email Marketing Services

Features Of Business Ideas Agency Email Marketing Software

  • Collect contacts of budding entrepreneurs by embedding email sign-up forms on high-traffic websites.
  • This business ideas agency email marketing software can manage a huge list of contacts by proper list segmentation.
  • Give the users & subscribers a sense of recognition by sending them emails with personalized tags and that too without any extra effort.

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2. Email Marketing For Business Mentoring & Trade Development Firms

Provide business mentoring tips to budding businessmen by regularly sending them emails regarding new ideas & trade development trends. Create emails or use the free readymade business email templates provided by this email marketing software to send bulk emails.

Sending emails to potential clients isn’t enough for a successful business firm. You can even track the sent emails with the help of the stats displayed on the dashboard regarding the opened, unopened & clicked email rates.

Email Marketing For Business Mentoring Firms

Elements Of Business Mentoring Firms Email Marketing Software

  • This email marketing software confirms a high inbox delivery rate of the business mentoring firms emails.
  • Send a series of messages regarding the different business strategies in a systematic manner using the drip feature, so that the clients gets an information just at the right time.
  • You can add business taglines, best pictures, CTAs & other elements in the pre-defined fields of the email templates.

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3. Email Marketing For Business & Trading Companies

Get access to pre-built templates, bulk email sending, error-free email tracking with detailed insights using this responsive & top-class email marketing for business & trading companies.

The autoresponder feature automatically triggers emails into the subscriber’s inbox as soon as they sign-up or based on their action. You can also schedule the emails to be sent at a later point of time so that you can target users living in different time zones.

Email Marketing For Business & Trading Companies

Main Features Of Business Email Marketing Service

  • One of the main features of this business email marketing service is that you can see the email inbox preview before sending it to the users.
  • Segregate the list of subscribers according to their business trading requisites & send them only those emails with which they are likely to engage.
  • This online marketing platform enables you to keep an eye on the performance of email campaigns & on the users.

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4. Email Marketing For Industrial Manufacturing Businesses

Online promotion of any commercial business is a really hectic task & that is why you should go for email marketing for industrial & manufacturing businesses. It’s easy to use, quick & you can even track the results of the email campaigns.

Embed subscription forms on various high-traffic networks to collect the leads of potential clients from all over the world. The next major task is contacts management & this service provides an accessible list segmentation feature for grouping the subscribers.

Email Marketing For Industrial Manufacturing Businesses

Elements Of Industrial Manufacturing Businesses Email Marketing Tool

  • Send attractive email templates featuring the manufacturing processes of your industrial businesses to bulk of clients by regular or drip campaign.
  • Increase the chances of email opening by sending those messages with personalized names, as this will give them a feeling of recognition.
  • Use the autoresponder & auto-follow-up emailing feature to feed the users with newsletters & emails regarding the manufacturing trade.

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5. Email Marketing For Import Export & Intra-trade Businesses

Import & export are an important part of any country’s economy. As so, if you run a similar business, then you should advertise the vocation among a wider orbit of audience suing email marketing.

This email marketing platform for import-export businesses has elements which help you to devise email templates, text emails regarding intra-trade business & send them to thousands of customers in just a few clicks. Maintain a harmonious communication with users with the help of auto-follow-up emails.

Email Marketing For Import Export Businesses

Attributes Of Import-Export Businesses Email Marketing Solution

  • Maintain a pre-written set of emails regarding the import-export businesses & automatically send these series of emails at particular time interval by running a drip campaign.
  • This responsive email marketing solution is integrated with Google analytics feature to help you to track the sent emails.
  • A worldwide promotion can be performed by gathering contacts with the help of email sign-up forms implanted on high-profile websites.

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6. Email Marketing For Business Consulting & Advisory Firms

Email marketing is one sure-shot formula to fling your business consulting ideas straight onto the hands of needy clients. Start building a fruitful relationship with the contacts right from the moment of their subscription into your website.

Design & send bulk emails to budding entrepreneurs educating them about the advisory firms either on a regular basis or sending them messages at a particular time interval. Follow the user’s behavior towards the sent emails with the help of integrated Google analytics feature.

Email Marketing For Business Consulting & Advisory Firms

Prime Features Business Consulting Email Marketing Software

  • Reduce the chances of your business related emails being marked spam by the user by providing an unsubscribe handle in the emails.
  • Amend & revise the emails before actually sending them to the subscribers & clients using the email inbox preview facility.
  • One of the prime features of this business consulting email marketing software is one simply use the free theme templates available to send emails without the difficulty of email templates building.

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7. Email Marketing For Corporate Business Consulting

Email marketing has proven to be imperative to drive new business to any corporate consulting company & the effective methods promote the services both among current & prospective clients with unparalleled ease.

This email marketing solution is one such framework using which you can send powerful emails about the consultancy ideas to a well-arranged list of contacts. This tool ensures a hike in the CTR of the emails by delivering them straight into the inbox.

Email Marketing For Corporate Business Consulting

Features Of Corporate Business Consulting Email Marketing Tool

  • Resend the same emails about corporate consulting skills to those users who have not opened the emails for the first time.
  • Build a huge list of subscribers by importing the contacts either manually or upload a CSV file.
  • Design email templates starring the pictures of consulting sessions, business mottos, social icons & much more to drive maximum engagement with the message.

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8. Email Marketing For New Businesses & Startups

Email marketing services for new businesses is an ideal stage to promote their startups across the globe. The methodologies offered by this email marketing tool will put your business endeavor ahead from rival companies.

This software provides a very effective list management service, where you can segment the subscribers according to their business preferences & send them only those emails which satisfy their quest.

Email Marketing For New Businesses & Startups

Key Features Of Email Marketing Software For New Businesses

  • Create emails by adding pictures, social icons, business taglines in the pre-defined blocks of the email templates.
  • This email marketing software ensures a high inbox delivery rate & promises a good response from the users.
  • You can send only text emails as well to your contacts describing the key features of your new businesses & all these emails, templates are responsive, i.e., they fit into any screen size.

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9. Email Marketing For Business Planning & Corporate Specialists

Convey the unique business planning skills of the corporate specialists via custom-made email templates. Tailor the layout of these email templates according to the commercial demands by simply dragging and dropping the content, images & CTAs.

Provide a 24*7 communication channel to the users & clients with the assistance of autoresponder emails. Lineup the emails to be triggered at a later point of time, so that the message is delivered at the moment when the user is most likely to connect with it.

Email Marketing For Business Planning & Corporate Specialists

Attributes Of Business Planning Email Marketing Service

  • Send thousands of business planning promotional emails & track their status with the email tracking analytics.
  • Make the emails a personalized one for every business client, as this will increase the brand reputation of your company.
  • Reach more people in a small time & convert your loyal subscribers into regular clients by sending them an automated set of emails.

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10. Email Marketing For Business Intelligence Firms

Tug in maximum customers to any business intelligence agency by sending emails notifying them about the business venture in a systematic manner. Running an effective & cheap email marketing campaign is a headache, but this software is a remedy for that

Easily collect numerous contacts, segment them into those who are interested and those who are already your clients. This works great for marketing automation & confirms a higher user involvement.

Email Marketing For Business Intelligence Firms

Traits Of Business Intelligence Firms Email Marketing Software

  • Generate high conversion rates for your business intelligence firm by sending automatically triggered emails.
  • Grab the attention of subscribers by sending them catchy emails build with the help of easy to use email builder tool.
  • This email marketing software helps to build proper contact lists as this not just saves time but will also reduce the churn rates for email campaigns.

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Ending Words!

The email marketing service providers mentioned in this roundup are crafted to effortlessly collect & manage contacts, personalize the recipients’ email experience & revise the mailing strategies in parallel to previous email campaign results.

Give the people what they want & take from them what you want! Having said that, it’s time to pick a suitable email marketing tool from the above compilation & start the online promotional journey.

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