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There are various problems a country has to face, but unemployment is primarily the most concerning one. Unemployed talented youth often tries to overcome this situation with the help of consultancies.

You, as a consultancy owner would know that your services will be needed in order to eradicate this problem. But the complication arises when you fails to connect with your targeted audience i.e. unwaged youth.

With the help of email marketing, you can not only generate a sustainable profit for your organization but can also transform the country’s employment rate.

MailGet Bolt – email marketing for counselling agencies is easy to use, cheap and remarkably effective. All its features can be used to showcase your consulting services in every sector and you can drive numerous of clients at your doorsteps.

Inform Applicants About Your Counselling Services Via Email Templates 

Being a new consultancy, or even an old one, you often think how to increase your customers and your profits too. Put an end to this brainstorming process and start using different responsive email templates in your promotional campaign.

Drag and drop feature enable you to quickly build or edit email templates by dragging & placing various fields according to your need. This allows you to share your services and other important information to your subscribers.

Attractive email templates also prove to be beneficial in revamping your followers count.

Entice your customers with various consultancy services offers & information like:-

  • Join us for better employment chances.
  • ABC Company is visiting soon. Get an interview chance.

Make Your Consultancy’s Clients Feel Welcomed With AutoResponders

The best way to earn your client’s trust and loyalty is by treating them nicely.

Everybody feels happy when they are greeted or even by seeing their name appear in your company’s e-newsletter. All this can be achieved using the automated responding feature and personalized tags.

On joining up, you can send a welcome email to new subscribers. The tough part is knowing and remembering the name of your clients but with a single tag line, you get to add different customer’s first name, last name or full name in newsletter.

This feature ensures healthy client-manager relationship.

A few ways to greet and share ideas with your Advisory firm’s targeted audience:-

  • 10 tips for cracking interviews.
  • New personality development program starting soon.
  • How to appear confidently for interviews.

Easily Manage Client’s Details Of Your Consultancy Bureau

Since you are running a highly esteemed consulting services establishment, you would know how difficult it is to segregate your client’s on the basis of their job requirement or other needs.

Email marketing strategy for consultancies is fashioned in a way to eliminate this problem. Now you can create a segregated list of your customers and send emails on the basis of their qualifications, interested areas, experience and other distinct demographics.

In the long run, this email marketing strategy will definitely prove its worth. It will help you in yielding the expected profit and also lowering the national unemployment rate.

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