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How often cooking instructors like you had taught the art of cooking to just a few individuals?

Do you feel the need to increase the strength of your cooking class?

In order to excel in our technological skills, we ignore to develop our day-to-day living skills like cooking etc. So to learn something about cuisine crafting, the people turn towards cookery teaching institutes and websites.

Inspite of all the necessary experience you fail to draw the enthusiastic crowd towards your cooking academy.

Stop frying your brain by thinking what to do and just start using our new service, MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Cooking Class.

This e-marketing service is easy to use, pocket-friendly, multifunctional and definitely packs the punch to restore your firm’s reputation.

Craft Responsive Email Templates For Your Cookery Course Routine

Just like you can prepare a dish in different ways, MailGet Bolt allows you to design your email templates in three different ways-

  • Drag & Drop Builder – This fancy, yet easy to use functionality works on the principle of dragging and placing various fields like text, heading, buttons, images, etc. in the template designing area just like this –

    Drag & Drop Builder
    The ultimate outcome for your mouth watering dish crafting lessons is the eye pleasing template design.
  • Custom Code EditorFor this builder, all you need to have is basic HTML & CSS knowledge or you can be smart and copy the source code of your desired template design.
  • Basic Text EditorIf you are the type of guy who likes simple stuff, then this email builder is specifically for you. It serves you the option of sending emails with pure texts with few formatting styles.

All the emails crafted in this feature is 100% responsive i.e. adapts themselves according to the user’s screen size, hence giving your recipients a more dynamic experience.

Increase The Magnitude Of Your Cooking Class Through Subscription Form

Have you been pondering over the means to grow the strength of your class?

All the culinary arts tutors can rejoice as MailGet Bolt provides an efficient way to fetch leads by embedding subscription form in the email campaigns.

Because of this form, you can target leads with different strategies in order to convert them into your loyal student.

Most important feature of this email marketing tool is its ease of shareability. Not only your recipients can forward these emails, but can also share them on social media with the help of social media icons.

Going Out Of The Town?

Take Care Of Your Online Cooking Lessons With Drip Emailing & Email Scheduling

Nothing spoils the credibility of your institution more than the unattended students who expects their daily cooking lessons.

Little does your students know how difficult it is for you to constantly provide cooking guidance inspite of your busy life.

Email marketing for cookery courses guarantees to eradicate this problem by giving you the opportunity to schedule your emails or sending a drip campaign.

This is achieved by setting time/date on emails for transmission process. Now you can send daily newsletters, cooking tips and tutorials to your curious students even while you are away or offline.

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