MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Locavore Restaurant & Local Food Points

Local Food Restaurant Owners Can Now Promote Their Establishments With Email Marketing Services.

Email Marketing For Locavore Restaurant & Local Food Points

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Locavore symbolizes the love of growing or producing the food locally and serving the dishes prepared from it.

Are you that individual or a group of person who desires to be the best locavore restaurant of the town?

Marketing Gods have heard your prayers and have now blessed you with an extremely powerful and efficient email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt.

Email marketing for locavore restaurant will prove profitable for your restaurant business because of its ease of use, low price and multiple features like email list management and tracking, etc.

Advertise Your Local Food Resto Through Responsive Email Templates

One of the effective ways to start your eating house business is by promoting it.

But, as soon as you hear the word brand promotion, does your mind go towards all those expensive, ineffective and old conventional methods like pamphlets, flyers etc.?

That’s what we expected.

To provide you with far more effective promotional means, MailGet Bolt allows you to design 100% responsive e-templates.

You can draft emails with either basic text editor or custom code editor, but the drag & drop builder is what you need. Under this designing type, templates are crafted by dragging the required fields (text, images, buttons, etc.) and placing them on the content area.

Have a look how easy it is –

Drag & Drop Builder

Classify Your Local Food Eating Customers & Serve Them According To Their Cravings

There’s a reason why your restaurant offers a variety of dishes. Yes, it’s because of the different flavors and eating options a customer prefer.

In order to establish yourself a prominent local food joint, you should be able to cater your diverse group of customers by targeting them through the means of customer segmentation.

MailGet Bolt allows you to create different emailing lists for the group having common food preference.

For instance, you can specifically invite gourmet food lovers at the restaurant.

Make Regular Locavore Customers By Giving Them Exciting Discounts Via Drip Emailing

The most integral part of any restaurant is their customers and that too loyal and regular ones.

Email marketing for local food points enables you to quickly generate a swarm of hungry customers at your doorsteps.

This is achieved with the help of drip emailing feature which works on the rule of setting date/time on email campaigns for the purpose of transmission.

With this, you can offer various discounts on your locavore foods in return of healthy profit and verbal brand promotion.

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