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MailGet Bolt Email Marketing For Food Delivery

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Food delivery service was as rising concept a few years back but now 60% of people prefer home delivery or take-out. As it saves time, money, reduce traveling and is very convenient for people who are working or busy.

But promoting this type of business is a difficult task, as food delivery is a popular business which has many competitors both locally and globally in the market.

So, we came up with the idea of Email Marketing For Food Delivery & Meal Distribution which is a premium email marketing tool by MailGet Bolt. This will help you promptly advertise your delivery service through emails.

Exclusive Features Of Email Marketing For Food Delivery That Will Boost Your Business

Build responsive emails to publicize your food delivery business by sending time scheduled emails or instantly start email campaigns using regular and drip campaign options

  • Regular Campaign is there to assist you when you want to start sending emails about your food delivery service to all your contacts immediately.This is the easiest and most convenient way to create emails which are responsive and look great on different screen sizes.   
  • Drip Campaign is the best option when you want to target your customers at a specific time. Pre-schedule emails will help to advertise your delivery services by sending emails to customers at times when they are most likely to get opened.

Multiple email building options to create attractive emails for your food distribution service

  • With Drag & Drop email building resource by MailGet Bolt you can design emails for food distribution service with the least efforts just by drop fields like images section, text fields or change the color of fonts, the background to give attractive visuals.
  • Basic Text Editor is the most basic yet largely used option as with this you can create simple emails which can hold only text, basic formatting, and links.
  • Build personalized emails to promote your food delivery service using Custom Code Editor where you can use HTML codes to build emails.

Some Extra Facilities That You Get With Email Marketing For Food Delivery & Meal Distribution

  • Search Designed Templates: – Here you can search and see all your email templates created by you in the past.
  • Monitor User Activities: – Email marketing tool for food delivery & meal distribution allows you to track the activities of users on emails send by you and monitor the overall status of email campaigns and individual mailers.
  • View All Contact Details: – With this option, you can add new contacts, delete, block and edit any contact. Also, view default, blocked, suspended and spam contacts.

Types of emails that can be created to advertise your food delivery business

  • Send food delivery offers and discount details to expand your business and increase sales.
  • Food ordering emails to advertise your best products
  • Send daily and weekly ordering offers to increase sales and delivery service.
  • Schedule emails to customers and auto trigger them in premium ordering hours

“Hurry, double your earning by promoting your food delivery service through email marketing tool by MailGet Bolt”

MailGet Bolt Email Marketing For Food Delivery

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