MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Fund Raising & Capital Campaign Companies

Promote Your Fundraising Organisation And Collect More & More Charity With This Personalized Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing For Fund Raising & Capital Campaign Companies

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In this 21st-century email marketing is one of the elite, effective & affordable means to promote any fundraising event or company.

MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Fund Raising & Capital Campaign Companies will be a premium investment for such fund raising organizations.

As it will help them raise funds by reaching individuals & corporate donors, attract the attention of new & old members, gather more volunteers.

So, use this responsive email marketing service to advertise your fundraising activities & events to build a relationship with people for the welfare of your society.

Here are some sample emails ideas that will help you endorse charity events and capital raising campaigns worldwide.

  • Send personalized emails to the donor whenever a donation is made.
  • Reply “thank you” emails on all types of small & large donation.
  • Send welcome and greeting emails to all new or first-time donation makers.
  • Share details about fund raising events & invitations
  • Reminder emails to regular donation makers

Regular Email Campaigns To Build Interest Of Donors

Just by conducting Regular Email Campaigns you can immediately start sending promotional emails to old, new, potential and regular donation makers. This is a cost effective means to send bulk emails and much effective than the traditional method to convert leads.

Send Fund Raising Email At Prime Time With Drip Email Campaigns

Establishing a relationship with the people who donates is the most important affair for a fundraising firm. And, with Drip Email Campaigns you can achieve this task by sending emails at a specific time when they are most likely to get opened.

Respond With Greetings To Every Donation & Charity Received

This is an exclusive feature which allows you to attach newsletters and subscription forms with this email marketing software. This feature automatically triggers a pre-designed thanking email to people each time a donation or new registrations is done.

Responsive Emails Building Options That You Get With Email Marketing Tool For Fund Raising

  • Drag & Drop: – This is an extremely user-friendly feature which is very easy to use. Any individual with basic computer skills can create attractive emails just by selecting desired text or image fields in the template and feeding the content in them.
  • Basic Text Editor: – This email building option can be very useful in situations when you want to send charity notifications and information which does not require any media in it.
  • HTML Coded Email: – When you want to send personalized emails to your donation makers. Then this is the perfect option to go for. You can put HTML code and acknowledge the reader with his/her first name and more with simple HTML code.

Email Marketing For Fund Raising & Capital Campaign Companies

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