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Most of the time, blogging sites and firms overload themselves with the burden of projects or other tasks. To save themselves from getting in crisis, companies search for a content creator or ghost writers like you.

This is an awesome job opportunity for surrogate writers like you but because of your inadequate marketing approach, you fail to make a mark on your potential employer.

All the miserable authors like you can take a sigh of relief because of our new email marketing for ghost-writer.

This email marketing service can be used by any freelancer, content and ghost-writers because it is easy to use, pocket-friendly and multifunctional.

Below are the ways in which MailGet Bolt will help you in achieving your professional dreams

Promote Your Writing Services Through Attractive Email Templates

There’s no doubt that you are a highly prolific content writer, but the problem you are currently facing is the lack of decent promotions or name exposure.

With the help of easy drag & drop email template builder, you can create pleasing e-templates to promote and woo your prospective employer. Now, you can not only impress readers with your words but also with enchanting & responsive email designs.

The drag & drop builder is integrated in such a way that with just a few clicks and swipes, your email design is created. Text, images, button, divider and social media icons are few fields that can be added to your email’s content.

Expand The Horizons Of Your Scripting Profession By Segregating Your Employer’s Lists

Frequently you may wonder, why aren’t your recipients responding to your email campaigns.

This is mainly due to the fact that you are targeting different companies and leads with the same service. You might be advertising your blog writing skills but your target may not necessarily be looking for blog writers, instead, seeks a ghost or surrogate writer.

So, to overcome this barrier, you have to segmentize your email list based on your various diverse skills for effective e-marketing. To make this tiresome task easy and also to make you feel better, MailGet Bolt is packed with email segmentation feature.

This enables you to exhibit your service individually to various distinguished employers.

Schedule Your Scribbling Experience Newsletter For Efficient Branding

Just so you can play the final masterstroke in the game of your successful occupation, MailGet Bolt enables you to schedule your email campaigns.

Recent survey informs us that the optimum time period for a recipient to open an e-message is morning. But because of the different time zones and complexity of the task, you would consider not to transmit your resumes.

Do not worry as the email marketing for surrogate writers is blended with drip emailing and scheduling feature. All you need to do is set a trigger date/time on e-campaigns and monitor the transmission of emails.

Also, you can personally address your targeted audience with the help few personalized tag lines like {firstname}, {lastname}, etc., hence preventing the generalization of your marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing For Ghost-Writers


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