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Are you that Greek restaurant owner who despite serving delicious food and services fails to gather food lovers at his/her establishment?

Well, we know the agony you and your Greek diner may be experiencing because of unsatisfying sales and lack of customers. You may have also tried all the conventional means like newspaper ads, flyers, etc. to promote your eatery but have failed miserably.

All the grief-stricken Greek restro owners can now rejoice as we are providing you a new, easy to use, cost-effective and multifunctional marketing tool i.e. MailGet Bolt – email marketing for greek restaurants.

All the astounding features that will help you in achieving your future goals are discussed below-

Cook Up Professional Email Templates For Restaurant Promotion

More often than not, new Mediterranean food points like yours may ignore the task of promoting their establishment, consequently taking a step towards occupational pitfalls.

So, to provide your greek food place a proper and cheap promotional medium, MailGet Bolt is introduced to create responsive email templates for satisfactory brand build up.

Just like your chefs are the master of certain cuisines, you too can master the art of template designing with the help of drag & drop e-template builder.

Now you can target your potential customers while they are on their phones, laptops or tablets.

Here’s how you can craft a responsive email template –

Drag & Drop Builder

Raise Repeated Eaters Base Rate By Drip Emailing & Auto Follow Ups

You may now know how to generate customers at your Greek food cafe. But, the important question is how to earn their trust and make them a loyal client. MailGet Bolt will bless you with another feature i.e. drip emails and autoresponders, which will allow you to effortlessly solve this problem.

Drip emails work on the principle of setting date/time on email campaigns while auto responding emails are triggered by user actions.

Subsequently, you can now offer free Mediterranean meals to your customers on their birthdays with drip emailing feature and offer discounts to newly registered clients with autoresponders. All these constant emailing enables you to earn their loyalty and faith in your restaurant.

Segregate Your Clientele And Cater Them According To Their Eating Habits

By now we might have inspired you enough to dream about a profitable restaurant business with the help of email marketing for Mediterranean diner. But to add more effectiveness to it, you must learn to segmentize your greek foodies’ list.

Now you may be wondering about how much time you would have to devote to this tiresome task. Again to your rescue, MailGet Bolt segregates your subscriber’s list with just a few clicks.

With this sorted out emailing list, you can inform your customers of diverse eating preferences about the changes in their menus or corresponding special events. This also tempts them to promote verbally your greek food restaurant because of your pleasing services.

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