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Email Marketing Service For Gyms & Health Clubs

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Starting & growing your own fitness center is a hard work, especially if there is a lot of competition around.

We understand all you desire is large memberships & loyal supporters. But what if you have fewer members in your gym?  Your gym will get shut after a duration.

Do you want this to happen after all you invested a healthy amount in exercise machine and equipment.

So don’t know what to do and looking for a means to promote your gym and health club?

All you need to produce is a good and healthy market for your gymnasium and the best medium by which you can promote and advertise your fitness centre is Email Marketing.

E-marketing manages all your marketing strategies & target more customer by sending email. Now reach thousand of budding customers directly and comparatively at low cost with the help of MailGet Bolt.

MailGet Bolt is cost effective, accessible, supportable, and user friendly interface which will help you to create productive and more responsible email and newsletter for your gyms or health centres.

Mobilise Attractive Email Newsletters For Your Fitness Brand Promotion

Educate member about new workout plans, diet plans, exercise schedules, discount offers, etc on MailGet Bolt’s email template builder.

Must try MailGet Bolt’s responsive Email Template in order to revive your business.

You need to click on desired fields of  Drag & Drop email builder to create eye-grabbing email templates such as Heading, Text, Images, Button etc. Template are super easy way where you can easily insert images, add content, edit content and remove any part of newsletter you wish to.

Template illustration:-

  • You must go! Gym needs you.
  • Work hard like a beast and look like a beauty.
  • No pain, No gain.. Shut up and Train.

Robotise Your Gymnasium Process – Send Pre-schedule Series Of Mail Via Drip Email

Drip campaign works like magic. It will automatically send scheduled emails to your subscribers. Now it’s easy to connect with your customers for specific reasons. Give health tips, diet routine, new workout plans etc.

Drip Campaign Illustration:-

Send members tips like,

  • New workout tomorrow, be there on time.
  • Diet of the day.
  • New equipment arrived at centre lets know its benefit.
  • Drink water to lose more.

Attract Gymers Using Personalized Tags

Personalization, when used in e-marketing, increase open rate of your email. Its One of the interesting feature in MailGet Bolt.

It is the process of sending the email to individual by inserting their name in an email.

It built more connections with gym members, sustain trust and increase engagement.

You can use following tags:-




So what are you waiting for?  Get MailGet Bolt the best email marketing service provider and get more memberships.

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