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Is your warehouse fully packed with all the latest fitness machinery?

One would think that you guys are up to date with latest fitness trends. But deep down you know inadequate sales is the only reason your storeroom is stocked up.

You might be wondering,

What more can you do to revamp sales and profit margin of your fitness equipment business?

With regard to your misery, we are providing you an effective, cheap, multifunctional, yet easy to use marketing strategy i.e. MailGet Bolt – email marketing for home fitness equipment.

Assemble Attractive Email Templates For Your Fitness Brand Promotion

In order to revive your business, let’s just start with the basic i.e. brand promotion.

No, we are not suggesting you spread the word via newspaper ads and flyers. Instead, try MailGet Bolt’s responsive email templates for gym equipment dealers.

You get to design your email using three builders –

  • Basic Text Editor – If you are the type of person who prefers simplicity with pure texts and few formatting options, this email builder is for you.
  • Custom Code EditorThis builder is for the people who prefers to build a template from the scratch. All you need to do is type some HTML & CSS codes.
  • Drag & Drop BuilderIt is considered as the masterstroke of MailGet Bolt because of it’s easy to build multimedia e-templates.

Look how effortlessly you can craft an email with drag & drop functionality-

Drag & Drop Builder


Categorize Your Potential Customers According To Preferred Workout Routine

Consider a scenario where you are constantly sending e-brochures for muscle gaining equipment to a certain group who’s looking for weight shredding machines.

This results in definite loss of buyers and sales for your business.

MailGet Bolt allows you to wisely create a separate emailing list with users having different workout needs and requirements.

This subscriber segmentation feature allows effective customer targeting and possibly a conversion into a loyal buyer.

Generate Automated Emails Campaigns For Your Fitness Machinery Business

Email marketing for gym equipment suppliers is considered generous when it comes to providing various functionality benefits to its users.

One such awesome feature is automation of e-campaigns which is further categorized into auto responding emails and drip emailing feature.

Through autoresponders, you can automatically acknowledge your user actions like service subscription, product purchase, feedback etc with pre-written emails.

And, with drip emails, you can set date/time on various email campaigns for its auto-sending process. This way you can inform your buyers about tips & tricks to take efficient care of machines on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Because of this constant communication, you also get to develop a healthy client-vendor relationship.

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