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There are some ailments that can only be healed through the homemade medicines because the allopathy and other forms of medicines provide temporary relief with lots of side effects.

The homemade remedies manufacturers who want to deliver their services and products online can do so through email marketing facility, one such facility is the MailGet Bolt.

The MailGet Bolt is designed for homemade remedy manufacturers, homemade remedy dealers, organic shop owners and similar other from the same field of business.

The template can be created effectively through this effective email marketing tool which lets you send messages in bulk to a number of customers.

Features Of The MailGet Bolt Software :-

Create Amazing Emails With MailGet Bolt :-

The emails that will work as a marketing medium can be constructed through a drag and drop builder in which the fields can be selected and drop on the content section.

The other options that let you share your homemade remedies are basic text editor, custom code editor and theme template option can also be used to create your emails.

Contact Lists Of Homemade Remedy Recipients :-

The template once created needs to be sent to a number of customers for which the mail ids of the customers required to be added in the contact lists that are constructed.

The spammed lists, the suspended lists and the bounced lists are some the facilities that describe its respective customers’ lists who fall in that particular field.

Manage Autoresponders, Drips And Auto Follow Ups :-

The autoresponder function is applicable when a particular subscription form is filled and an immediate mail is sent to the customers who has filled it up.

The auto follow up can be sent to the customers who has not read the previously sent mail due to some random reason, in such a case the same mail can be present to the customers on a specified day chosen.


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