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Multiple Animal Rescue Organizations Can Send Various Emails To Publicize Their Pet Programme Via Email Marketing

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Who doesn’t love animals and pets?

Yes, everybody does but the problem is that not everyone can afford to give them home because of their busy lifestyle. That’s when animal shelter and pet sanctuaries come into the picture.

But, the issue is, not everyone knows about your pet shelter organization.

So, are you looking for an effective means to publicize your pet sheltering organization?

Our new marketing tool, MailGet Bolt – email marketing for animal shelter organizations is built just for firms like yours.

This email marketing service is inexpensive, easy to use and packed with multiple features like email list management, email tracking, etc.

#1. Promote Your Noble Animal Sheltering Cause Through Responsive Email Templates

In order to get in the eyes of your potential clients, you need to adopt an effective advertising strategy.

MailGet Bolt provides you an opportunity to bombard your prospective client’s inbox with responsive email template. Emails being responsive, can be easily accessed on phones, laptops, and tablets.

Ultimately, in order to construct these templates, this e-marketing tool is integrated with three builders –

  • Drag & Drop BuilderThis email builder is designed to lessen the workload of template designing. All you need to do is drag any required field like text, images, buttons, 2 columns, etc. and drop it in the content area. The final results are genuinely eye pleasing.
    Under this category, you also get to add an array of social media icons, making it easy for you and your animal shelter supporters to share your services on different mediums.
  • Basic Text EditorIf you are a group of people who prefer simple and plain email campaigns, then this editor is just for you. You can construct basic emails with just texts and a few formatting styles with it.
  • Custom Code EditorFor the firm who have dedicated a team of coders, waiting for the means to showcase their email building skills, this email builder is just for you. Few lines of HTML and CSS can gratify your clients visually.

#2. Generate Larger Support For Your Pet Sanctuary Via Subscription Form

There’s no such thing as “enough” if you are working for a good cause. Similarly, you need to establish larger support for your pet support organization.

In order to do so, MailGet Bolt allows you to embed an optional subscription form in your email campaigns.

With the help of this feature, you can effortlessly generate leads in the hope of convincing them to contribute to your noble cause and also to raise money for effective shelter functioning.

#3. By Automated Emails, Regularly Interact With Your Shelter Organization’s Supporters & Sponsors.

Since the harmonious client-manager relationship is required for every business and movement, you need to maintain constant communication with your clientele.

To help you with this, email marketing for pet sanctuaries is loaded with such features i.e. auto responding emails and drip emailing.

Auto responding emails can be used to address various user actions like –

  • Greeting new users after their subscription.
  • Thanking sponsors after their generous donations.

While emails under drip mechanism are transmitted by setting time/date on their respective campaigns and can be used to send the company’s weekly or monthly newsletter.

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