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Hoteliers Can Now Gain Reputation And More Response By Communicating Directly With Their Guests Through Email Marketing

Hotels like businesses need a good branding & advertising that comes from an excellent marketing. If your hotel or lodge is famous for providing the luxurious services but still is far away from the visitors then you definitely need a good promotion. Now, what are you planning for promoting yourself?

Is it through TV, newspapers or pamphlets. And how much confident you are that you will get the desired returns in investing in these promotional activities? Of course, no one will give you the guarantee for giving you a fixed amount of audiences to your business. Then why to invest and why to fall in such traps when you yourself can market your business and gain customers to your hotel business.

I have recently come across with an amazing communication & marketing tool i.e, Email Marketing. The reason for recommending this application is:

I used to book the services of the same hotel whenever I plan a trip to GOA. But recently, I was amazed to see an email of a hotel which was much cheaper yet luxurious than compared to my last hotel. I got all the detail of that hotel like cost per day and night, services that were offered for free for first visit and more. And without a second thought, I immediately booked the new lodge 🙂

The reason that the hotel owner wins the lead was just because of email marketing. With email marketing, hoteliers can drive revenue and profits, increase traffic to your hotels, customer retention plus you will be able to send offers and discounts that your hotel business offers during special times.

Send Vacations Discounts & Drive More Revenues To Your Hotel By Self-Designing Beautiful Email Templates

Hotel owners can now attract more guest by sending them attractive Free Hotel Email Templates. These are easy to design and take less time to convey your message. You can send a template to your hotel guest offering discounts like if they have booked your services for the honeymoon or for anniversary etc. Show your hotel ambiance, luxury suite, room upgrades, spa, dining facilities etc via email template. Build your email campaigns in minutes, and focus on the tailored message, not the pixels!

Build your email campaigns in minutes to help people start their travel planning and look out for secret prices on selected hotels.

A Segmented List Will Give You Great Bookings To Boost More Sales To Your Hotel Business

Email list management help hotel owners manage the email list and guest data properly. With an organized list hotel organizers can achieve good responses and high inbox delivery towards your email campaigns. There is always a long list of dealers for the hoteliers which need to be organized and managed. Send bulk messages to your list of contacts like car dealers, hotel staff, accountants, selling agents etc.

Never Let Your Guest Forget The Offers You Are Offering Them During Seasonal Times

Send a series of emails to the guest this will benefit you in many ways. Like you will get bookings for your hotels plus regular emails let your brand always on the top of mind of people receiving the emails.

Hotel managers can set autoresponders on alternative days or weekly and hit the inbox of your guests. Sending regular autoresponders or drips will keep your guests engaged in your hotel or lodge services. Also, if you are giving offers & discounts on your luxury services you can set them in your drip cycle. The main advantage of drip emailing would be is that you can recycle the emails for new customers as well.

Examples of autoresponder:

  • Las Vegas Hotel Deals | Special Offers and Discounts on Room Rates
  • Grab Seasonal Special Offers And Discount Packages

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Email Marketing For Resorts,


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