MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Import Export Businesses & Foreign Traders

Mailget Bolt Is A Cost Effective Email Marketing Software Through Which You Can Create Emails About In Respect Of Your Import Export Businesses.

Email Marketing Service For Import Export Businesses & Foreign Traders

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Do you want to do a proper promotion of your import export business & are feeling tired looking for a way to advertise your foreign trade?

I am sure you are. Isn’t it?

That’s why you are here because I am going to tell you a perfect way via which you can advance the import-export firm.

MailGet Bolt is a cost-effective email marketing software through which you can create unlimited emails in respect of your business. It gives you multiple ways to send bulk emails to your potential clients.

MailGet BoIt can be used by import-export businesses, foreign traders and other businesses of the same field.

Email Campaigns For Promoting Foreign Trade:

In MailGet Bolt you get 2 types of campaigns for emailing your customers on import-export business. They are as following:

  • Regular, and
  • Drip.

They both are equally important and same but the only difference is, in the drip campaign you can set the date, time and email of your choice prior sending them, whereas in the regular campaign you can send emails in one go.

There are 4 main types of email builder. Let’s see them briefly.

  • Drag & drop email builder: Via this, you can create emails in a more eye-catching style. Add images, heading, subheading and link so that you can also redirect the users to your website.

  • Basic text editor: You can write formal emails via this builder. Just pick the font, its size, create your email and send it to your clients.

  • Custom code editor: This is made for everyone but if you are an internet savvy guy and have a basic HTML knowledge then it is perfect for you. You can write the mail in codes and can also paste the code from outer source.
  • Theme template: If you are too lazy or busy somewhere & cannot create your foreign trade template then MailGet Bolt provides you with free pre-built templates. Choose according to your choice and edit it as per your requirement.

Arrange The Foreign Trade Contacts Properly:

MailGet Bolt allows you to arrange your contacts properly. You can give them a heading and group them according to your need. As well as you can upload a CSV file to transfer contacts from your PC to this dashboard. MailGet Bolt further gives you 3 main list. They are:

  • Suspended list- List of those customers who have unsubscribed themselves from your services.
  •  Bounce email list– List of those customers who are having an invalid email Id will fall into this list.
  •  Spam/Complaint list– List of those customers who have chosen to put you in their spam folder due to personal reasons.

You can also delete those contacts which are not in use anymore.

Dashboard- Summary Of The Foreign Trade Emails:

In the dashboard of MailGet Bolt, you can go through the all previous emails which you have created in the past. You can also edit them, delete them and can send them again to other contacts. Make a clone of it before deleting them in case.

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