MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Industrial Manufacturers & Production Companies

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Email Marketing Service For Industrial Manufacturers & Production Companies

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Manufacturing companies are totally different from any other industry as they follow business to business service modules for trading.

They sell technical skill and expertise to the consumers that can be challenging to explain.

Also, these can’t rely on old responses in the manufacturing environment, therefore you need a right platform to spread awareness about your business.

But which platform will be suitable to educate your customers about your products?

Here we are providing you a perfect platform to promote your business among customers i.e MailGet Bolt –  Email Marketing For Industrial Manufacturing Business, via which you can send relevant information about your services to a lot of your customers by sending bulk messages to them.

Inform Customers About Your Manufacturing Industry Via Powerful Emails

MailGet Bolt provides you creative email builders from which, you can choose anyone to personalized your promotional emails regarding industrial manufacturing business.

Following are the elements of email builders –

  1. Drag And Drop Email Builder – Create responsive emails using this powerful builder by dragging the relevant field from the fields section and just drop it in your content to spread out your ideas directly to the customers.
  2. Basic Text Editor – Using this email builder of MailGet Bolt, you can send your promotional emails by texting only with all the necessary features such as highlighting the text, font, size etc
  3. Custom Code Editor – This email builder allows you to build an email by stuffing the HTML code in the emails or you can copy it from another source too.
  4. Theme Template – This provides free pre – built theme templates from which you can choose anyone and can edit it according to you to keep engage your customers with your industry.

Build Strong Relationships With Your Potential Customers – Via Drip Campaign

It is an automated email campaign which allows you to send a set of promotional emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule or an action taken up by you. It will help you to nurture your existing list of contacts.

Another best feature of MailGet Bolt is autoresponder, through which you will be able to connect with new users at a time when they are willing to contact you. So whenever a new user signs up to your website, then they are responded to automatic emails.

Don’t you feel an excitement to open an email when you see your name in the email body?

Yes, you feel..!!

MailGet Bolt’s Personalized Emails Feature, using which you can personalize your emails with any content that exist in the contact list like first name of your client or company name by inserting personalization tags.

So whenever you send an email to your customers, they will see their name in your promotional emails and feel happy.

Display Of Your Past Emails On Dashboard

MailGet Bolt’s email marketing dashboard enables you to have a quick review of your past email templates & campaigns. You can view it, edit it or send them to those who have not opened the mails for the first time.

Email Marketing For Industrial Manufacturers

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