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Disappointed Interior Designers, Time To Redeem Your Business

Who doesn’t like a good, beautiful surrounding? Everybody feels the constant need to improve their house/workplace and desperately looks for desirable interior design specialist.

Being a renovator or interior designer, this is a rare opportunity worth grabbing, but you might face disappointment because of your improper exposure and recognition.

So, what can you do to maximize your chances of getting the designing contract, or to expand your architecture & designing business?

By the means of MailGet Bolt’s email marketing for interior designers, you can make sure that you and your home decoration firm tops the list for prospective designing service providers.

It has been proven in past that the email marketing strategy is a highly influential technique to gratify your clients. The scheme also ensures time-saving and value for money along with following other features-

Showcase Your Designing Talent Via Email Templates

Let’s be clear, if your future or existing clients receive the same old templates comprising of pure texts then they would definitely want to switch their interior decorator specialist.

What this email marketing service provides is the ability to quickly design attractive e-templates with the help of drag & drop feature. Various images, buttons and text fields can be added by dragging and placing it in the content with this feature’s help.

Since you are an organization with different remodeling services, you can easily copy/clone one of your templates and customize it accordingly.

Regularly Interact With Your Design Lovers Through Subscription Form

Most of the times, your customers or recipients want to share their views and feedbacks but fail to do so. This results in stale communication between both the parties.

MailGet Bolt has provided a best email marketing tool to combat this problem by embedding an optional subscription form in the email template design. The signing up process permits the subscribers to receive your weekly/monthly offers, designing tips & different newsletters, submit various feedbacks/queries, etc.

All this regular transmission of email campaigns and newsletter is achieved by drip emailing feature. The only task you have to do is set a trigger date/time and watch your automated emails being sent.

Track Your Segmented Design Ideas Recipient’s List

There’s a reason why your house decoration & remodeling company has been providing distinct services. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s because of different customers needs and requirements.

The best email marketing campaign provider like MailGet Bolt is capable of helping you in segregating your clients. This ensures that you send relevant home and interior design ideas to different subscribers.

After segmenting your clientele, you must now take the time to explore your campaign’s effectiveness. This email marketing for interior designers and home decorators is entitled with email tracking feature. It allows you to monitor user actions like email opening and clicking along with delivery and unsubscription rate.

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