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Acquire, Engage And Retain Customers To Promote Your Large Company Business Via Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Service For Large Companies

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No matter how large your company is you do need to promote it at some point in order to take it to an astounding height.

Stop chasing the old marketing method like using flyers, pamphlet and try something new & profitable like email marketing.

Why Email Marketing For Large Companies?

If you think that email marketing is dead then you are WRONG! It is alive, kicking and it also remains the most effective way to turn prospects into loyal customers.

How Will MailGet Bolt Help You Out?

It is an email marketing service provider which is very responsive and a powerful tool for acquiring, engaging and retaining customers to promote your large company business thrive.

Send Company Emails That Looks Great On Any Device

This email marketing software allows you to send tons of emails via 2 main campaign. One is a regular campaign with which you can send the large company promotional emails in one go, and second is the drip campaign with which you can send pre-scheduled emails by setting them according to the time and date for your easiness.

Only by creating emails you can send them via these 3 email builders, which are:

  • Drag & drop email builder: For sending creative and best eye-catching company emails with free heading, text, and images.
  • Basic text editor: For sending formally written large company emails as they are simple to write and easy to understand.
  • Custom code editor: For sending custom coded HTML emails, use your own code or can also copy it from the outer source.

Build A Large Company Audience & Manage Them Effectively

Only after contacting with your large company customers can you easily build a large number of audience. Either write their name and email Id by yourself or can upload a CSV file to transfer their detail in the contact tab. Differentiate them according to the list provided by MailGet Bolt, which is as follows:

  • Suspended list.
  • Bounce email list.
  • spam/complaint list.

Delete the unnecessary contact list to avoid any future confusion.

MailGet Bolt’s Top Email Marketing Features For Large Companies

  • Dashboard: To know whether email marketing for large companies is working successfully or not & to go through all the previous sent emails, you can use this interactive dashboard
  • Autoresponder: Make your large company’s customer feel welcome by sending them automated email after they subscribe to your site.
  • Search bar: Search your emails in the search bar which is present on the dashboard. You can also look for any contact by searching them in the contact tab’s search box.
  • Email tracking: Track those large companies promotional emails which are opened, clicked, sent and unsubscribed on the dashboard.

Email Marketing Service For Large Companies

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