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Email Marketing Service For Small Business StartUps

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Advertising is good & important for any startup and small businesses, but if you are seeking something that takes your business to a different level, then you are at the right place.

No need to go anywhere because the solution is here. With MailGet Bolt – email marketing software, which is responsive in nature, promote the small business by sending bulk emails in order to endorse your startups.

To lure more customers, the email content should be impressive and it should tie in with your existing business startup marketing strategy and everything else you are doing to promote the small business online.

MailGet Bolt can be used by following top businesses:

  • Small business owners.
  • Domestic companies.
  • Hawkers.
  • And other startup companies.

Design Your Customised Small Business Email Template

With three main email builder tool of this email marketing service, you can build awesome small business startup emails & send them in bulk quantity. They are as following:

  • Drag & drop email builder: With this tool, you can build an amazing and eye-catching email for free. Add business mottos of startups, images of your business venture, links, buttons and much more to make it interesting & informative.
  • Basic text editor: Send formally written emails to your customers in regards to the business startups. They are very simple to create and easy to read for your customers.
  • Custom code editor: With the HTML code stuff in the promotional email of the small business, you can send it your customers. It is very beneficial for those people who have a basic HTML knowledge.

Create Result-Oriented Business Startup Email Campaigns

You can create two campaigns. One is the regular campaign with which you can send the startup promotional emails in one go with the help of above-mentioned email building tools.

The other is the drip campaign via which you can send pre-scheduled emails informing the clients about the startup in a systematic manner. All you have to do is set the date, time and email and drip will take care. It’ll automatically send the emails in their set time which is considered as the best trait of it.

Measure The Business Startup Email Success & Failures

You can easily measure the business startup result by seeing the opening, clicking & unopened rates of the sent emails. That you can do with the help of knowing the customer’s email Id in the right list.

You must be thinking exactly what kind of list?

  • Suspended list: Those customers who unsubscribed themselves from your small firm set up than their Id will get listed in here.
  • Bounce email list: Often you received back your own promotional emails this means the customers are having invalid email Id. This list will fill with those customers.
  • Spam/complaint list: Due to continuous sound of incoming emails people often get irritated. If they decided to put your advertising emails of a business startup in their spam folder then those customers email Id will get registered here.

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