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Own A Latin Food Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant And Want To Promote Your Business Effectively? Do It With MailGet Bolt.


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If you are running a latin food restaurant, buffet restaurant, Mexican cuisine or latin food outlet and want to promote your business in some cheaper and stronger ways..?

Let us present you MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service, by which you can rapidly increase your customers and can make your restaurant famous in few days.

With astonishing features of MailGet Bolt, you can build up a strong customer relation and can lure them to your shop just by sending them emails.

Where other means of marketing and promotion are too costly, here MailGet Bolt will cost you few dollar. It will do the whole promotion and marketing for you.

Sounds Perfect..?

Now take a glance to MailGet Bolt’s stunning features:-

Auto Follow Up Feature – Boost Open Up Rates

Give follow up to your subscribers and customers and tell them about your new dishes, spicy recipes, table booking details, discount details by email.

If your customers haven’t replied in the first time, you can resend the same email to all of them just by one click. This feature come with so many advantages like –

                           1. Increase Customer Engagement

             2. Enhance Open Up Rates

3. Saves Your Time

Drip Campaign – Email Scheduling

Sometimes, while sending emails –

1. We don’t think of different timezones time.

2. We don’t think about when a customer most likely to read your email.

These small mistakes cause low opening rates but now you can schedule your emails for customers with drip campaign at any time or any date. Then the system will automatically send your email to drip campaign list.

Email Builder – Create Email, Easy & Fast

An email should be attractive enough to increase the customer’s interest and to build such a template, you can use our email template builder, where you’ll get so many options to create your own unique email. We have 4 type of email builder:-

      1. Email Template Builder

2. By Basic Text Editor

3. Custom Code Editor

4. By Theme Template

Email Tracking – Keep Track Of Your Email

This feature will help you in keeping track of every single email, that you’ve sent.

Email Tracking will automatically send you the information about opening the mail, such as:-

       1. Time of opening the email

       2. Person, who opened email

              3. Place, where email has opened

Personalized Tags – Build A Stronger Customer Relation

Everyone feels so happy when they see their name in subject line and you can do the same with your customers just by adding personalize tags.

These tags consist of two curly brackets and name between them. Just by doing this you can boost up your conversion rates and open up rates.

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