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Presently, chefs and personal cooks just like you, not only serve mouth-watering dishes but also takes care of their customer’s nutritional intake. Hence, making them highly employable by busy personnel and sometimes by restaurants.

In spite of being serviceable, you lack the quality of promoting the cooking skills that you possess. So, the question you might be asking is – What should I do to make myself more marketable?

To save you and all the other desperate cooks, we are providing an ideal marketing tool i.e MailGet Bolt – email marketing for personal chefs. This tool is easy to use, multifunctional and definitely won’t pierce a hole in your pocket.

Publicize Your Cuisine Making Skills & Experience By Sharing Responsive E-Templates

Let’s say currently, you might be working for a restaurant and looking for a freelancing private chef’s job. But, because of your daily routine, you can’t effectively advertise your skills.

Luckily, MailGet Bolt provides you three options to create attractive and responsive email templates to efficiently promote yourself –

  1. Drag & Drop Template Builder – With the help of this builder, you can effortlessly build emails by dragging required fields (text, heading, images, etc.) and placing them in the content area.
  2. Basic Text Editor – If you want simplicity, you can always opt for this e-template builder. All you have to do is type your text e-message and send it.
  3. Custom Code Editor – You can use this style to copy custom HTML code from source or write it by yourself and share the generated email template.

Expand Your Chef’s Job Opportunities By Segregating Your Clientele

To save you from all the troubles, MailGet Bolt allows you to quickly segmentize your current eaters and potential customers. This allows you to easily devise your personal chef’s marketing strategies according to your future customer’s needs and requirements.

You can also indulge your existing clients with your weekly cooking tips, based on their eating preferences.

Through Email Scheduling, Remind Customers To Pick Up Groceries Even While You’re Offline

We can imagine how tiresome and difficult task it would be to send emails while you are stuck in some other work. This lack of communication can result in an inharmonious client-chef relationship and ultimately to service termination.

In order to prevent you from even getting in this situation, email marketing for private chefs is fused with an email scheduling “Drip campaign”. All you are required to do is set a convenient date/time on the campaigns for launching & all set to go.

Just like you know how to craft impeccable edible art by mixing raw products, similarly with the help of MailGet Bolt and it features, you can make your professional dream come true.

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