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Email Marketing For Hospitals

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Email marketing for hospitals.
Yes, why not after all the owners of any hospital do want to promote their hospital on a large and bigger scale.

As someone who knows how important marketing of the health center is for you, I can say with great excitement that email marketing would totally rock for hospitals!

MailGet Bolt can be used by:

  • Hospitals,
  • Healthcare centers,
  • Nursing homes,
  • Physicians,
  • And other medical facilities.

After brainstorming for a few seconds, here’s an amazing list of how could you effectively use email marketing in that procedure.

Notifying Patients, Hospital Updates, Reminding Seasonal Inoculations Via Emails:

Attract customers via sending them different types of emails with the help of email building tools and turn them into your regular patients. You can take advantage of these 2 campaigns.

They are as following:

  • Regular Campaign
  • Drips Campaign

Regular Campaign

Send emails in one go

Drag & drop email builderCreate emails with an informative heading, relevant image and describing text with the help of this email builder. Add any link you want and can direct the customers to your desired page.

Basic text editor Send text only emails in regards to your hospitals so that anyone can understand them easily as they are very easy & clear to read.

Custom code editor- Build an email where you can insert custom HTML code and can also copy it from another source too. This way you can also add images in it. It is basically made for internet savvy guy but can be used by others too.

Theme template- If you are lazy or saving time then theme template is perfect for you. All you have to do is edit them according to your hospital’s features and send them to your patients.

Drip Campaign

Send pre-schedule emails

Drips also have all the above email creating tools but the only difference between regular and drips is that you can set the date, time and email which you want to send and drip will do your work. This is one of the best traits among all the other MailGet Bolt features as you can do other work while drip will take care of the rest.

Having Tons Of Contacts?

Well, That’s Good, But Are You Arranging Them Properly?

Arrange them according to your utmost need and convenience. Make a separate list of that customer to whom you are sending mail for the first time and so on. You can further differentiate them in this below list.

They are as following:

  • Suspended list This list will accumulate the Ids of those customers who have unsubscribed you due to their personal reason and don’t want to receive any more mail in regards to your hospitals.

  • Bounce email list- Ever received your emails back? The reason is that those customers are having an invalid email id that’s why the emails tend to bounce back and enter in this list.

  • Spam/complaint list- Getting continuous emails often creates uneasiness for everyone, this goes for your customers too. So if they choose to put your emails in their spam list then, their Ids will fall on this list.

Other Traits Of MailGet Bolt Email Marketing:

  • Dashboard- To go through all your emails.
  • Autoresponder- Your customers will receive an automatic email when they subscribe to your site.
  • List cleaning- Clean your contact list if not required.
  • Email tracking- Track your sent emails whether it is sent, opened or not.
  • Email inbox preview- See how your mail turned out after creating it before sending them to your customers.

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