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There are two types people in the world one who work for others and other who work for themselves and then there is a third kind that works for others but without any sort of boundation or a regular protocol and those individuals are called as freelancers.

And if you fall into that special lot who deliver their services as a freelancer and want to get in touch with the world on a one to one basis can make use of an email marketing tool called as the MailGet Bolt.

The services in which you provide freelancing to your clients can be systematically described in the template that you will create through this magnificent tool.

There are multiple sections where all the formatting of the mail can be carried out structurally which validate the user to project themselves in the most distinguished way.

Features Of MailGet Bolt:-

Creation Of Mails Through Various Options:-

When it is about the construction of an email that looks attractive and effective enough for the user to present its services then an option called as the drag and drop builder can be used to build up an email.

The basic text editor, custom code editor and theme template option are some of the other mediums through which the mail can be made.

Induction Of Mail Ids In Contact Lists:-

Multiple contact list is created in the respective section where all the mail ids of the clients to whom you wish to send emails and keep them informed about your latest work and services.

The spammed emails, suspended emails and bounced emails can be seen in their respective list present on that section.

Immediate Response And Bulk Mail Sending:-

Autoresponder is a feature in drip section where the moment a subscription form is submitted by the service seeker an auto-generated mail chose by you will be sent to that individual.

The other function is sending drips which is useful when bulk emails have to be sent at specified date and time which is selected by you and delivered at that very chosen time slot.


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