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Hey musicians, solo singer, DJs, music band, wedding DJs or a sunburn event organizers – Surprise your music lovers, concert-goer, fans & audience with an amazing powerful communication media i.e, Email Marketing.

You might be thinking that Why should I go for an application like this, if I need to promote an event or connect to my music fans I would rather love to post it on SOCIAL MEDIA. But have you ever thought that is your really reaching to each and every individual personally? Definitely not 🙂

But don’t bother with email marketing you would be able to reach directly to your music lover, fans & audience’s inbox(everybody deals with their mail boxes for every next second). I have found that emails are the best way to connect artists and musicians with their fans. Email marketing can be used for sending newsletters, tour announcements, event invitations, as well as thank you emails. Whenever you have information to share, email will be your go-to tool to send it out.

Don’t restrict your music bands and singing talent to your city itself. But get up/run/join and reach heart of million people. Organize and host self events and say goodbye to advertising and promotional agencies that help you promote and conduct any events(of course you cannot deny their heavy charges). Make beautiful email templates and send them to your friends and locality – Make Your Own Crowd

Know More How Wonderfully Email Marketing Can Help You Tune That Will Be Reaching Directly To The Communal –

 Create beautiful email templates – To rock your music event & concert

Musicians can now design their desire concert template with an amazing yet easy to use Drag & Drop email builder. This will increase your user engagement converting it into grabbing more leads and crowd to your event. It is true indeed that your fans get upset if they don’t get the tour or concert announcement alongside the general public, so keep sending it to everyone at once.

For Example – if you are organizing a concert you can design an email template letting your audience know about the date, venue, timings, ticket info and star artists of the evening.

Strengthen your networking – Add n numbers of contact through Email List Management

In music like profession you need to have good networking to get a large crowd for your concerts or music bands. With music email marketing, you can categorize your address book and send bulk emails to each and every slot maintained in your directory. Accurate and maintained contact list has advantages like – you do not have to struggle every time to get mails get delivered to targeted inbox, better management etc.

An excellent feature of Email list management is it helps musicians filter their contact list, stores all the invalid email addresses and spam emails in bounced contact list.

For Example – maintain & categorize your list say – club group, traveling bands, classical lovers etc.

Preview your music email or template – Before hitting “send”

Event organizers when sending an email to their audiences can preview their mails or messages to avoid any typo error or an important note being missed.  After creating a beautiful email campaign all your efforts in hosting event and getting a good amount of crowd will be wasted and meaningless if it doesn’t reach to your audiences’s inbox the way you want it to be.

For Example – you can check if there is any misspelled, check images in your mail is it proper(size and pixel), check twice time and venue etc.

Send a series of mails through autoresponder – Get visitors informed till the last date of your event

Keep your fans/music lovers active and informed till the last day of your event or concert. It’s a one time process just set time, date and you email is ready to be triggered automatically. Autoresponder comes with great benefits like – Artist and his fans communication never stops, increase rate of conversion towards your events, helps you avoid additional promotional expanses( eg. flyers, notes, banners etc.), keeps your band name top of mind.

For Example – send mail like “Today we will have rainbow of rock music come and be the part of it” OR “Hold Your Breath – The Countdown Begins”.

Effective Follow up Leads to a great event – Keep track through Drip Emailing

Often an event organizers skip to keep a record of how many participants have joined their concerts Or how many would come so that the arrangements can be made accordingly. But with Drip Emailing you can send a series follow up mails And also musicians can use drip emailing to set reminders to inform and coordinate with their participants.

For Example – if you provide various classical music lessons, you can schedule those music lessons in your email drip and send them to your subscribers OR if you provide guitar lessons training online, you can schedule them in drip and hit subscriber’s inbox on regular basis.

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