While social networking keeps on ruling online marketing world, there is no doubt that email has, is, and will continue to be the key to success for musicians & artists.

You may never have considered it, but email is the best tool for drawing in fans, promoting gigs & even enhancing your brand value.

“But how can a music artist turn out to be a marketer?”

We understand that bands are comprised of artists, not advertisers, but it’s not as troublesome as you think. Email marketing is an ideal approach to get the word out & create buzz among fans. Truth be told, create emails, send them in bulk & track them easily.

Now the question is, where to begin? You don’t want to send individual emails, as that can be tiring, and it’ll end up to be an unmanageable task. So with that said, we’ve compiled a list of best music email marketing software & services to give you a good head start in building an online marketing strategy.

The following email marketing services offer a library of ready-made templates created with a Drag-n-Drop builder – a part of MailGet Bolt.

1. Email Marketing For Musicians, Artists & Singers

Advertise the top songs of your music arcade among millions of clients by sending them promotional emails. You can easily create fancy email templates with the handy email builder tool by adding pictures of musical posters, taglines, CTAs & much more.

Personalize the emails by addressing the users with their names & send them in bulk quantity in just a few clicks. This will give them a feeling of recognition & increase the chances of email opening.

Musicians Email Template

Features Of Musicians Email Marketing Software

  • This email marketing software for musicians promises a high inbox delivery, which ultimately builds up your merchandise.
  • Rectify any error made in the emails before sending them to subscribers with the help of the email inbox preview facility.
  • Build a healthy communication with your music fans with the help of autoresponder & drip email feature.

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2. Email Marketing For Music Podcasting Agencies

Podcasts & vodcasts are the newest favorites for music lovers all over the world. It is the right time to promote your music podcasting agency with the help of email marketing. This will definitely expand your reach & will make you ahead of your rebel musicians.

Invariably & effortlessly grow your contacts list by embedding email sign-up forms on high-traffic websites. Once you collect email ids of a potential customer base, easily manage these contacts with the assistance of list management feature of this email marketing tool.

Music Podcasting Email Template

Elements Of Music Podcasting Email Marketing Service

  • Create email templates starring your music podcasting elements & tunes via pictures & text.
  • Apart from adding content, you can also add a powerful call to action buttons in the emails, which will drive more users to your company’s website.
  • Reduce the chances of your emails being marked spam by the users by providing an unsubscribe handle in the emails.

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3. Email Marketing For Music Store & Sound Instrument Shops

Want to the lead the race of musical shop competitors, then target your clients by sending them promotional emails. Build templates with a drag-n-drop builder on advertising soundtracks, instruments, catchy deals, offers.

Group the subscribers according to their taste of music using the list segmentation feature. This enables you to send the users only those messages with which they are likely to engage & you can also schedule the emails to be sent at a particular time interval.

Music Strore Email Template

Key Traits Of Music Shop Email Marketing Tool

  • Target the subscriber’s right from the first day by sending them attractive discount offers on musical instruments via autoresponder emailing feature.
  • The interactive dashboard of this email marketing tool displays all the stats regarding the email opening/unopened/clicked rates.
  • Grab more deals for your music store equipment by sending greeting emails to the clients & prospects with their names.

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4. Email Marketing For Music Systems & Audio Devices

Even the least tech-savvy ones can perform email marketing for their music systems & outreach a wide orbit of customers. Design the email templates with accessible builder tools or utilize the free readymade theme templates available with this software & start sending bulk emails right now.

Bring more sales for your shop by regularly sending the potential customer base emails featuring the latest jukeboxes & devices, or automatically send a pre-written series of emails using the drip feature.

Music System Email Template

Features Of Music Systems Email Marketing Solution

  • It’s not possible to remain in touch with the clients 24*7, but this email marketing solution takes care of that with the help of auto-follow-up feature.
  • Rectify all the errors of your messages, before hitting the send button, by examining it in the email inbox preview.
  • Constantly keep an eye on the user’s behavior by manipulating the statistics of email opening & clicking rates.

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5. Email Marketing Service For Music School & Singing Academies

Fetch more & more students for your music school by informing them about your training skills & singing classes via emails. Send bulk emails to the subscribers & potential clients base by running a regular or drip campaign.

This email marketing service for singing academies has all the perfect elements to analyze the results of the sent emails. Improve your client’s conversion rates by sending them the music school emails with personalized tags.

Music School Email Template

Key Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Music School

  • Easily build the contacts list by segmenting the users according to their music interests & send them messages related to their singing concern.
  • Keep a track of the traffic source, the behavior of the users with the integrated Google analytics feature.
  • Grow the list of your subscribers by collecting the leads through email signup forms embedded on high-traffic websites.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Music Production Companies & Song Producers

The paramount to success for music production agencies is reaching straight to the fans through their mobiles & computers. Use email marketing service providers to effectively publicize your notes & tunes by sending templates. Or else, you can readily use the theme templates provided by this tool.

Import contacts from your computer to the dashboard or simply upload a CSV file to create a list of email Ids. This platform will easily manage a large database without any hassle.

Music Production Email Template

Attributes Of Email Marketing Service For Music Production Companies

  • Configure your emails to be sent automatically or based upon the user’s action with the help of autoresponder feature.
  • Add pictures of your music production sessions, business taglines in the email templates & you can also add an unsubscribe link.
  • Preview the emails before you hit the send button with the help of email preview option.

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7. Email Marketing Service For Music Instruments Stores & Shops

Grab more deals on your music instruments shop by advertising the items with the help of online media. Send promotional emails starring catchy deals, offers on the flutes & drums to thousands of subscribers & convert them into regular clients.

Automate the musical store’s online marketing process with the help of drip campaigns & autoresponder emails. You can also resend the same emails to those users who haven’t opened the messages for the first time.

Music Instruments Email Template

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Music Instruments Stores

  • Deliver the recipients an optimal viewing experience by incorporating responsive elements like buttons, images, text in the emails.
  • Involuntarily expand the list of music seekers & lovers by implanting email sign-up forms on high-profile websites.
  • You don’t need to manually send emails to each user. This tool automatically connects the subscriber email address from the list which you assign while setting up autoresponder campaign.

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8. Email Marketing Service For Singers & Musicians

A productive email marketing service through which you can promote upcoming songs or events via emails. Design dazzling emails with pictures of your song sessions & new tracks, musical notes to tempt the reader to visit your website.

Regularly look after the previous campaigns with the email tracking option to know what works best for the subscribers. And you can then upgrade your messaging style accordingly.

Singers Email Template

Traits Of Email Marketing Software For Singers

  • Prepare emails, select a particular contact list & send them targeted messages to which they are likely to connect.
  • You can also schedule the emails to be sent later so that the messages reach to users living in different time zones at a most suitable time.
  • Pictures are more effectual than text messages & that’s why you must add images, snapshots of the music artists in the email body with the accessible email builder tool.

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9. Email Marketing Service For Orchestras & Band Groups

Convey informative, fresh scoops about the orchestra through appealing emails highlighting your band’s expertise. Select your particular contact lists & send them email either by regular or drip email campaigns.

You can construct templates with the help of email builder of this email marketing service & add social icons, buttons in this framework. The contacts tab on the dashboard displays details of subscribed, spam & unsubscribed users.

Orchestra Email Template

Main Features Of Email Marketing Service For Orchestras

  • Automate the email sending process by pre-scheduling each of the campaigns.
  • Get real-time updates & stats of the sent emails to update your messaging tactic according to the performance of the emails.
  • Target the users by properly segmenting them & ensure a high email opening rates by sending personalized emails.

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10. Email Marketing Service For Musical Groups & Clubs

The online promotional platform is perfect for executing email marketing, as the incredible resources make the whole task easier for musical groups & clubs. Whether, it’s about creating stunning emails or about their automation to tracking the user behavior it’s an apt choice to go with.

Embed subscription forms on different websites to collect leads of clubber & party freak crowd without any trouble. You can also send the emails with the names of the subscribers to get a high conversion rate.

Musical Group Email Template

Supreme Features Of Email Marketing Solution For Musical Groups

  • Plan the emails to be triggered into the subscriber’s inbox at a particular date & time using the drip emailing feature.
  • The intuitive email builder tool enables dragging & dropping of the content blocks & images.
  • Proper contacts segmentation & management that could help in running a successful campaign.

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The above assemblage of email marketing software explains the focal features of each service & will definitely give a crystal clear understanding of how they work. So embark the online promotion voyage by choosing the one that fits into your musical business perspective.

The aforementioned services are built on the foot of MailGet Bolt. Don’t you want to explore the tool & design your marketing plan on your own? Then go ahead & click here.

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