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Various Publishers Has Been Enabled To Promote Their Journals By Sending Mass Email Campaigns

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Technological advancement has caused a sudden shift in the reading medium from newspapers and books to tablets and cellphones.

Are you that news journal publisher who’s looking for a way to reinstate and expand their business?

Put those papers back in the printing machine and prepare yourself for the bulk order and appreciation you had been longing for as we are providing you with a powerful marketing strategy i.e. MailGet Bolt – email marketing for news magazines publishers.

This e-marketing tool has been tested and had been reviewed as easily operable, packed with various time-saving features and most importantly cost-effective.

If you still aren’t convinced, let’s discuss some of its features that can be beneficial for you –

Design Responsive Newsletter For Your Journals & Effective Brand Promotion

As we all are aware of the fact that electronic gadgets are the new favorite reading medium, you need to promote your publishing house over that medium.

Sounds ironical and complicated too.

MailGet Bolt provides you an opportunity to design email templates in order to target your potential readers and because of these emails being responsive, you can reach them on their phones, tablets and laptops.

All the e-templates are created with the help of three builders namely –

  • Basic Text Editor – Under this builder category, you only have to work with texts and few formatting options.
  • Custom Code EditorWith the basic knowledge of HTML & CSS, you can build a template from a scratch under this editor.
  • Drag & Drop BuilderThis builder is probably the most fun and easy to work with. All you need to do is drag and place various fields (text, heading, images, etc.) like this –

Drag & Drop Builder

Create Separate Emailing Lists For Different News Genre Readers

People are different and so are their interest areas. They constantly want to know recent happenings and updates in their fields.

So, to increase the credibility of your journal publishing business, you can create a segmented list of your existing and potential customers.

This way you can constantly keep them informed by sending relevant short news articles.

Also, in order to increase your sales, you can add a call to action button (field provided in drag & drop editor) in your email templates and use it to book your weekly/daily news magazines.

Plot An Automated Follow-Up Process For Customers Who Skipped Your Monthly Magazine Issue

Usually, newspaper and magazine printing is a tiresome task and to make it more complicated, you also have to arrange them accordingly.

This takes a lot of time making it difficult for you to focus on other important factors like customer interactions.

To help you with this issue, email marketing for journal publishers is integrated with automatic follow-ups.

With the help of this feature, you can effortlessly and automatically send emails asking customers about their feedbacks or reviews.

And, to add little more personal touch to every email campaigns, you can use few personalized tag lines like {firstname}, {lastname}, etc. to address the recipients with their names.

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