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Email Marketing For Photographers

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A professional photographer, shutterbug, travel journalists or a portfolio builder has a briefcase full of photos of common people, clients, wedding snaps, b’day events or concerts picture. In your stock some pictures may be an excellent story teller of someone’s life or moment and some may be just fun loving.

But are these beautiful snaps getting rotted OR crumbled in your briefcase only and not in the hands of their real owners or to the public? Then what are you thinking off now – is it – “How would this be possible that my collections should be in right hands” OR “What is the easiest way to reach to the communal”

Ans to all your question is – Through Email Marketing 🙂

Yes, it’s indeed very simple and the easiest way to just forward every click to your clients or friends email addresses. Emails are delivered extremely fast & it can be sent 24 Hours a day and 365 Days a year. It is an affordable & pocket-friendly technique which is being followed and is no doubt one of the oldest method that’s been working for decades with every business model.

Thinking of why em I calling it –  “Affordable” Or “Pocket-Friendly” then here is my answer

Affordable because to get publish a photograph, travel journal or portfolio you need to pay a thousand bucks to media agents or magazines owners. A lot of money is wasted and get consumed in just promoting it Or sometimes to transfer an album or images do you still bear courier expense 😛

Then get rid of all these practices and start sending and selling your latest pictures, videos and photo albums in minutes 😉

Create & design mobile-ready perfect picture templates – With Drag & Drop Email Builder

Portrait photographer or Wedding photographer can surprise their clients and customers by giving them a beautiful visual as well as content email templates. It is super easy to design a template you just have to drag and drop elements to build the desired template – upload photos, give a catchy line, add button text, choose different colors to attract more clients and more.

The best part of email builder is your can save the email OR template and see the Inbox Preview before sending the emails or templates to your customers/clients. So, make sure that your email looks great on any device when they get it.

Some Examples – push email templates informing them of an event like “Be The Part Of Photography Awards 2019” OR “Join The Special Events Of Photographers in Mumbai” etc.

Maximize your photography business marketing – Through Drip Emailing

Nobody has an extra time to spare sending emails one-be-one to each and every client’s present in their address book. So to get it done all at once OR to send a series of mails that are automatically delivered to your clients and customers Drip Emailing is useful. You just have to schedule time intervals and then all your mails would be triggered automatically more you can also Reuse the same content for different users, and everything would send out automatically.

Some Examples – create a buzz on festival seasons by reminding your customers and clients – “Grab Free Clicks By Professional Photographers This Christmas” Or “How To Pose On Pictures” Or “25% Discount on anniversary And Family Photo Shoot” etc.

Easy to upload, import & export your contact list – Manage your client’s contact database

With Email List Cleaning photographers can synchronize their contacts by importing contacts either manually or simply by uploading a CSV file containing name and email address of your clients. With a healthy list photo makers can always better manage their business, save time and also you get excellent efficiency in delivering mails. In a business like photography, photographers have to well organize their clients contact details as this data is the most crucial and helps you in building a good networking.

Some Examples – categorize your address book – Wedding Group OR Birthday Bash Group OR Music Rock Events Group etc.

Don’t loose your connection with clients – Stay in touch always

To keep photo or photography business going year after year and to grab more new client’s it is essential to keep your customers engaged. Send Regular Newsletters or Email Campaigns and keep it engaging. If you only talk about your latest photo sessions in your newsletter, people will get bored quickly and stop opening your emails.Try to keep your emails entertaining and loving. You can add some posing tips, or what to expect from a portrait session or ways to a perfect wedding snap etc.

Email Marketing For Photographers

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