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If You Are Running, Raw Food Store Or You Are A Food Grain Dealer, And Want To Promote It Globally, Then You Are At Right Place. Promote Yourself Just By Sending Emails To Your Customers.


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If you are running a vegetable shop, raw food store or you are a food grain dealer, fruit seller and want to promote your raw food store globally, then you are at right place.

Your raw food store may be famous in the local area but you can take it to the new heights and can prominent it globally just by sending emails.

Here we have MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service by which, you can send emails to your subscribers and convert them into customers.

MailGet Bolt has so many features by which you can make your raw food store a global brand.

Build Some Extraordinary Email Templates With Email Builder –

Here we have 4 options for you to make an email template –

  • Email Builder – An Attractive Platform with picture and text editing options.
  • Basic Text Editor – A simple editor to write formal emails in text format.
  • Custom Code Editor – A basic editor but HTML code will be used instead of text.
  • Theme Templates – Clone the pre-designed templates and use them in your raw food store promotional email.   

By using these email builders you can draft a stunning email template in varieties of the pattern which will represent your raw food store.

Going On A Vacation? Now Drips Will Do Your Work.   

Drips is definitely a fascinating feature of MailGet Bolt by which you can schedule emails as per your requirement. Drip campaign will send them automatically.

So now you can go on a vacation without any worries and your raw food advertising emails will be handled by drip campaign.

Make And Manage Multiple Contact Lists According To Customers’ Need

This feature helps you to send emails to right recipients in a more managed way. Here we have few important lists such as –

  • Unsubscribe Contact List
  • Bounce Email List
  • Spam List
  • Subscribe Contact List

You can create more lists accordingly and can manage your customer’s contacts.With these lists, you can send the email to your multiple customers in just one click.

Want To Increase Open Rates, Use “Auto Follow Up”    

Most organizations have the problems of low open rates, but you can conquer it easily in MailGet Bolt by auto follow up feature.

This feature will send the email to those customers, who didn’t open it in the first time but remember you can’t edit that email in the autoresponder. Autoresponder has so many advantages like –

  • Develop Customer’s Engagement
  • Develop New Signups
  • Develop Lasting Relationships With your Consumers
  • Increase Open Up Rate

MailGet also has few important features like Email Tracking and Auto Responder by which you can stay in touch with your customers.


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