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Social media has strongly cemented its roots in this digital era and offer the great platform to share the photos, life happening on the web.

At the same Email marketing has also climbed new level which has the highest return on the investment.

Email Marketing Importance In Social Media

Social media relies on the emails for the specific functions like welcome acknowledgment, password reset. Most important is that you require email to register on the social communities like facebook, twitter, linked In, etc.

If you don’t know, Email is the most effective tool for the marketers in the age of social media too.

Rather than turning this into a debate, let’s explore the ways that how can you boost your social communities among the web population.

You can start the email marketing with MailGet Bolt, which is affordable, smart & sophisticated software for this business to send the bulk emails.

MailGet Bolt Features For Social Groups & Communities Network

Email Builder: Create Intuitive Template For Your Users

This section has pre-defined fields which can be just hauled & dropped in the content area to compose the email.

It assists you to create the multimedia template which effectively grabs the user’s attention to visit the website.

Basic Text Editors: Notify Your Users With Latest Alerts In Their Profile

This feature allows you to compose the emails which are full of texts with personalized tags. The personalized tags make the users alert and make to read a full email which compels them to visit the website.

The CTA (Call To Action) button can be used below to redirect the users to the website.

Drip Campaign: Guide Users For Further Process After Registration

It also is known as drip marketing in which small details are sent to the automatically over pre-scheduled time. You can pre-scheduled the series of the message which sends at the right duration.

Autoresponder: Greet Your New User

It’s a unique feature which sends automated welcome emails to the new users when they register themselves. It also gives you extra feature that it send the emails again to those who missed viewing.

Email Marketing For Social Media Sales

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