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Email Marketing For Universities & Educational Centers

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Education is an important factor for the development of the human kind and the giant institutions that deliver such type of formal education is the universities.

And the groups that are in the education field and want to make students and people from all over the planet to get acquainted with their services can do so through an email marketing tool called as the MailGet Bolt.

The MailGet Bolt software is designed for educational institutions, universities, colleges, schools and various other from the same field of the education business.

The respective marketing tool lets the user design the mails in the most attractive way that will look great and will be pretty much informative for your targeted students.

Stupendous Features Of The MailGet Bolt:-

Create Dazzling Template Through Software:

The drag and drop feature of the email software is the primary feature of creating a mail, one can select an entity from the field section and drop it on the content section other options are the basic text editor, theme template and custom code editor.

These are some of the useful features of the tool to create an email for your education institution in which all the facilities and the courses offered by you can be shared on the respective mail that will be created.

Induce Mail Ids Of The Students In Contact Lists:-

The mails that are created requires a contact list to whom it has to be sent, the mail ids of the students can be created and segregated in different contact list as well.

The spammed list who has marked as spam, the suspended list who has unsubscribed your services and the bounced lists those whose contact ids are not valid can be seen in their respective mail ids.

Experience Better Email Marketing Through Drips:-

The Drips can be created when a number of mails have to be delivered to multiple contacts on some specific date and time, the drips allow you to filter the contacts among the various lists that you have created.

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