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An Excellent Tool For Wedding Photographers To Double Their Ceremony Booking And Earn More Money Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Wedding Photographers & Photography Business

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Wedding Photographers Get Ready This Season To Double Your Bookings And Make More Money And Visibility Through Email Marketing

Wedding photographers get ready to rock and roll the Pre-wedding Functions like engagement ceremony, mehndi celebration, sangeet party, tilak ceremony etc. To capture these rituals and make it an everlasting need for professional photographs has become immensely popular today. 

If you are a photographer providing quality service, and wedding photography is your forte, then you are sure to win many clients in today’s times. However, retaining more clients is dependent on various factors, the chief among them is a proper marketing strategy for your photography business.

What exactly you do to market your business to gain clients and goodwill?

Is it you advertise yourself by an advertising media, use flyers or pamphlets, Or go for promoting in social media etc. But, you might not be denying the fact that the information reaches to the communal only if you interact with them personally. Because there may doubt which the client might require to clear it with you 🙂

MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Tool For Wedding Photographers does all for you. Make clients, take bookings and make huge profits eliminating unnecessary cost that lower your profit margin 😉

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy and considered to be one of the best marketing strategies today. Photographers are sure to win new clients and retain existing ones by keeping in touch with them regularly through good and appealing email newsletters. Send promotional emails, offer special wedding season and other discounts, request your trusted clients to refer you, ask them to write testimonials, provide samples of your wedding photography and do much more through your email newsletters.   

Email Templates Will Work As A Pull Factor For Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers can self-design their stunning email templates or campaigns with drag and drop email builder. Email marketing tools provide a variety of ready to use templates. An email has a good balance of text and images which appeal more to your targeted audiences.They can be used by wedding photographers to create nice and well-designed emails which your clients will definitely find engaging.

You can attract new clients by sending them email templates that contain some piece of your previous work or wedding snaps. If a person receives a sample and he likes it too then he’ll be more attracted to why not hire your service. And remember your happy & satisfied clients can only give you referrals.

Some Template Examples That You Can Make With Email Marketing Software For Wedding Photographers:

  • The World’s Top Wedding Photographers Are Here – Book to schedule your wedding
  • Reflective Wedding Snaps – Book Today To Get 10% Off

Schedule & Automate Your Photo sessions – Send regular free and tempting offers to clients

Drip emailing make your work very easy. Photographers can send a series of emails like welcome messages for hiring services, promotional emails for your photography, thank you mails on the successful completion of wedding project and more such emails can be scheduled to be sent to your subscribers at regular intervals. Photographers can also follow up to keep in regular touch with your clients. For wedding photographers, fortune is in the follow-up and magic that turns connections into clients 🙂

Samples for drip emailing: you can send a promotional mail like- ‘Get 25% off on all wedding photo shoots this winter.’ Or “The Wedding Deals That Makes You Happy” etc.

Know About Other Features Of Email Marketing For Wedding photographers

As a wedding photographer, portrait and editorial photographer you need to manage all your contacts in an organized manner. Which you can do it easily with the email list cleaning feature. Photographers can be assured that their emails are successfully delivered to their client’s inbox, without being trapped in junk or spam folder.

Email service providers also help photographers to easily create subscriber or client lists and structure emails. This, in turn, helps you to reach out to your target audience easily.

Email Marketing for Wedding Photographers & Photography Business

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