MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Weight Loss & Slimming Centers

Promote Your Weight Loss Centre And Make People Fit By Sending Bulk Emails Via Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Service For Weight Loss & Slimming Centers

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Nowadays everyone is very conscious about their health & wish to have a diet plan that can help to get rid of their extreme fat.

If you own a weight loss center which is not very popular among the persons who want to lose their extra carbs, so here is a tool via which you can help the audience & can inform them about your fitness center.

MailGet Bolt – email marketing software with which you can send bulk emails to your subscribers & can help them to get out of that extra calories.

MailGet Bolt is responsive in nature as the email get customized according to the size of the device like iPhone, laptop, desktop, mobile etc.

Construct Alluring Email Templates For Weight Loss Center

Drag & drop email builder allows to built appealing email templates for weight loss center, you can add images of the equipment available & can also provide top discount offers through a call to action button.

Basic Text Editor – This feature of MailGet Bolt allows to send regular text emails to the fitness admirers.

Custom Code Editor – Through this feature one can create their own email templates by using HTML coding instead of text. You can customize these templates as per your slimming center and can also copy the code from other sources too.

Adopt Drip Campaign To Reach Diet Planners

With the availability of drip campaign, pre-schedule the emails, set date & time of the email according to the needs. If you are busy in some other work or going for a vacation then this drip emails is best suited for you.

Via these series of emails, you can provide health & fitness tips from time to time to valuable clients and can also inform them about indoor & outdoor activities that are going to be carried out in the weight loss center.

Sustain Proper Contact List Of Weight Loss Subscriber’s

This email marketing for weight loss center allows creating an appropriate contact list of fitness admirers & subscribers through manually importing the contacts or uploading CSV file.

You can segment a list of men, women & children and can send them diet chart according to that & can also provide them free exercise kits as per their requirement. This software provides a list of bounce, suspended & spam email addresses:

Bounce List: Subscribers who have invalid email addresses come under this class.

Suspended List: Clients who have unsubscribed your email service because of their personal issues will fall under this list.

Spam List: Clients who have chosen to mark your emailing facility in spam list will categorize under this list.

So, this email marketing service manages all the above features & you can reach to the potential clients who actually has opened the mail & want to try your slimming center services.

So, what are you waiting for, come & make people fit & fine by promoting your weight loss center via MailGet Bolt.

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