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House flipping is to buy property with the intention to resale it in a new look with profit. There are many factors like, house initial condition, its location and real estate market status, which can affect your profit percent.

To gain maximum revenue it is obvious to find a potential client who can afford your rectification charge. And to find such customer, a well-planned market strategy is needed.

Here we present you MailGet Bolt – an email marketing service for house flipping and resale service providers. This email marketing software is inbuilt with handy and top-class email composing tools.

You can design, customize responsive email templates for your house reselling business, send them in bulk & track them on a real-time basis.

Represent Flipped Houses By Creating Best Templates And Emails

Drag And Drop Email Builder: Give a tempting look to your emails by adding a subject oriented templates, so it will be easy for the client to understand about the flipped property in fewer words. This tool gives you the liberty to put the content field at the desired place on the template page.

Custom Code Editor: This tool is for a technical sound person with basics of HTML & CSS coding so that they can create a fully customized template for renovated house to gain more attraction of client.

Basic Text Editor: Create text oriented and media free emails, summarizing about the property that is renovated for the clients. Nothing can be better than the describing its location and other plus points in words.

Shape House Flipping Business Campaign With ‘Regular And Drip Emails

Regular Campaign: Send recently composed emails with no time lag directly to renovated house buyers in bulk. And let them know any update from your side at same time.

Drip Campaign: Under this feature, plan your campaign to send on any pre-scheduled date and time. Hitting client at right time is more important to get into their head. So schedule the emails and pop them at prime time in customer’s inbox to generate house selling lead.

Maintain Good Relation With Your Contacts

Give a personal touch to house flipping promotional email sent to the client by mentioning their name in the email body. By doing so, you can attract the client’s eye to go through your mail.

Scale Your Campaign Performance Through Email Tracking

Know the status of the previous email campaigns through email tracking feature so that you can know the correct stats of sent emails. And then you can resend to those who have not opened the previous message.

You can also analyze that which kind of message engages the readers most & hence improves your performance.

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