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Establish Roots For Lawn Mowing Business With Email Marketing Service Among The Market

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The garden is the first thing that everybody looks from outside and decide your living status, but now these days everybody is busy in working for their bread & butter, no one has spare time to look after & take care of their lawns.

 Here lies the opportunity to grow roots of your lawn mowing company. MailGet Bolt, an email marketing service provider for lawn caretaker.

This software is easy to use, consist multiple best handy tools and above all its cost effective.

Advertise Your Lawn Mowing Service Into Every Email Account By Building Responsive Promotional Emails By Email Building Tools.

  • Create attractive and snap rich email templates by simply doing pick & drop of content like images, text paragraphs, buttons etc. through drag & drop email builder.
  • To have full authorisation on the design of the template, code it on HTML & CSS platform in the custom code editor. One must have basic technical knowledge for using this feature.
  • Compose fully text oriented snap-free email to send in bulk, guiding about the lawn mowing service types, service charges and other information in the basic text editor.

Design Campaigns For The Promotion Of Garden Caretaking Service Through Regular & Drip Campaign

  • Regular Campaign: Send promotional emails to lawn lover clients just after clicking the send button. It delivers message instantly.
  • Drip Campaign: Trigger the pre-scheduled emails under drip feature. Plan your campaign according to the demand in the different season as lawn mowing business have varying demand graph.

Additional Features That Comes Along With Email Marketing For Lawn Mowing Business

  • Track the action of lawn owner leads on your sent promotional emails. This software provides a stunning feature for email tracking for monitoring the campaign.
  • This email marketing service provides you the tool autoresponder to send a pre-designed welcome note or to present service menu in front of newly subscribed lead. This act will be good to ignite the deal.

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