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As every part of the machine has its own durability time period, after which it needs to be replaced. And, do you provide high qualitative machine parts under one roof and now hunting for a channel to promote your business?

Here we suggest you opt email marketing as a promotional channel for the spare part agency.

MailGet Bolt, an email marketing software which allows you to send emails in bulk directly into the client’s inbox. It is a cost effective, handy in use and responsive to various types of gadgets.

Try best email marketing tools packed in MailGet Bolt.

Create Attractive & Appealing Templates By Using Various Email Building Tools.

Drag & Drop Email Builder:  This feature facilitates you to create email templates by simply pick & drop the content field like images of various spare parts and their details as a text on the desired place of the template.

Custom Code Editor: Create customized template layout focusing on types of a spare part to be displayed by coding on HTML & CSS platform. One can also copy-paste the HTML & CSS codes from other sources.

Basic Text Editor: This feature allows you to write text oriented & media free emails for your clients. This feature can be used by a spare part agency for sending the quotations, part details, their specifications to the great volume of clients

Have Glimpse Of Some More Stunning Features Of This Email Marketing Service.

  • Create well-organized client’s contact in order to target the clients more efficiently to sell out maximum spare parts. MailGet Bolt provides you the facility to segment your contacts under subscriber segmentation.

  • Send pre-scheduled emails for the arrival of the new spare part in stock for clients and other suppliers under drip campaign. Only one have to do is compose the email, choose a set of audience, set the date and time of delivery and its all over. Now MailGet Bolt will handle the whole for you.

  • Maintaining good connection with the clients is essential in material supply business to get the consistent order. Lubricate the professional relation with purchasers by mentioning his name in the subject line or in email body by using personalized tags.

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