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You have great qualities for writing various newsletters for business firms to promote product & service. Although having these skills you are not gaining popularity because of poor promotion for yourself?

Don’t worry, here is MailGet Bolt, an email marketing tool for promotion of newsletter publication service.

This email marketing service for editorial & press agencies is affordable, result oriented, thorny free & makes the whole process of online promotion an easy one.

A boom in the technology caused people to stuck with their gadgets and so it’s time to reach into their device through email marketing software.

Create Attractive Templates Like Your Newsletters With Handy Email Builders

Drag & Drop Email Builder: Compose best email templates containing pictures, text, links etc. telling about the type of publishing services that you offer. One simply has to pick and drop the content on the email template page.

Custom Code Editor: Under this section designing of a template can be done through HTML & CSS coding. You can write the codes for fully customized email templates featuring the editorial & publication services. One can also copy the code from another source and paste here.

Basic Text Editor: Create text oriented emails which may summarize the term & conditions applicable from your side to the customers before having the deal of newsletter publication.

Expand The Publication Business With Optimizely Designed ‘Regular And Drip Campaign’

Regular Campaign: This top feature allows to send instant emails among the contacts to let them know about any recent update or any important notice about the media publication company.

Drip Campaign: Staying in touch with the clients is more important than anything else to maintain proper relation and to exchange information in publication business. Drip emails will help you out even when you are out of town. It triggers the pre-scheduled emails on their respective time.

Email Marketing Personalization To Enhance The Press Agency’s Brand & Worth

Giving personal touch in emails is the great step towards converting the leads into clients in newsletter publication business. By doing so you generate a psychological force for the client to open & see your mail.    

Have An Idea About What Happened To The Publication Emails By Tracking Them

Email tracking will provide you the stats related to sent emails either it was delivered or not, got opened or not, and had a clicked or not. These stats are important as they work as a feedback for your publication house & empowers to revise the emails.    

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