Email marketing is a phenomenal approach to connect with existing clients, bring in new readers & perhaps the only way for news channels & broadcasters to remain operational in an ever growing digital age.

To help you find an apt online promotional solution, here is a list of 6+ best news agencies email marketing services specially crafted to fit in the business mindset of news broadcasters, media houses & publishing companies.

The software are built with the help of a customizable email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt, which offers to:

  • Design multi-device email newsletter templates with Drag & Drop email builder.
  • Manage a huge emailing list & database with proper contacts segmentation.
  • The easy to work dashboard is interactive & displays the email tracking reports.

1. Email Marketing Service For Newsletter Publications

This email marketing service for editorial, press agencies & newsletter publications is cost-effective, result-oriented & makes the whole process of e-marketing an easy one. A boost in digitalization has caused people to stuck to their gadgets & so it’s time to target them via their emails.

Compose best email templates featuring the pictures & text related to the publishing services, or you can simply send text emails with the basic text editor. This email marketing software promises a high inbox email delivery rate, thus building up a trustworthy brand of the publishing firm.

Email Marketing Service For Newsletter Publications

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Newsletter Press Agencies

  • Exchange all the latest news in a systematic manner & at a pre-scheduled time with the help of drip campaign.
  • Give the subscribers a sense of recognition by sending them personalized emails.
  • Link the email signup forms on the publication agency’s website with autoresponder to nurture the lead right from the beginning.

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2. Email Marketing Service For Press Release Companies

Use this latest & best promotional channel to reach out all the prospects of the news writing service company by regularly sending them bulk emails. Deliver multimedia templates, text emails or create your own custom template with the custom code editor.

This email marketing solution helps to organize a large number of press release email subscribers with the list management feature. It provides details of blocked, bounced, unsubscribed email addresses.

Email Marketing Service For Press Release Companies

Traits Of Email Marketing Software For Press Release Firms

  • Pre-set the date & time of email delivery according to upcoming press release services.
  • Classify the regular & potential clients according to their preferences in news writing service with list segmentation feature.
  • Track the real-time results of all the previous email campaigns to analyze the activities of the users.

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3. Email Marketing Software For Broadcast Media Bureaus

Get a high ROI with this responsive email marketing software for broadcast media houses & news channels. Craft informative email templates for print & electronics forums by email builder & custom code editor.

Provide a 24/7 news emailing services to the subscribers using the autoresponder emailing function, which send a pre-written email to the clients according to their activities.

Email Marketing Software For Broadcast Media Services

Elements Of Email Marketing Tool For Media Channels

  • Deliver the right email with respect to the media event at the most right time with the help of drip emails.
  • Schedule the emails to be sent later in accordance with the launch of any new media service.
  • The email templates designed with this software gets customized to different screen sizes.

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4. Email Marketing Service For Publishing Companies

With this robust email marketing service increase brand value of the publishing company, outreach the subscribers to advertise upcoming best sellers & trade everything from books to journals to magazines via emails.

To increase the chances of client engagement & conversion, this software empowers to send auto-follow-up emails to those who have not opened the publishing agency’s emails for the first time.

Email Marketing Service For Publishing Companies

Features Of Email Marketing Service For Online Printing Firms

  • Preview the emails before it hits the subscriber’s email inbox & rectify any errors, if made.
  • Manage the publishing company’s mailing lists in the contact tab of the dashboard on the basis of spam, bounced & unsubscribed email Ids.
  • Send emails with personalized tags, as it is a smart marketing technique that guarantees a high email opening rate.

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5. Email Marketing Software For Sports News Channels

Be the first to reach all the sports fans & followers for giving them updates on the sports industry through their emails. This email marketing software for sports news channels will help you to reach straight into the client’s inbox in just a few clicks.

Dispatch email templates featuring all the news, headlines & details of sports personalities & athletic events to thousands of contacts, without any hectics of technical knowledge.

Email Marketing Software For Sports News Channels

Features Of Email Marketing Service For Sports Media Firms

  • Embed email sign-up forms on high-traffic networks to grab the contact details of more and more sports fans.
  • Convey the important sports news among all passionate athletic followers on regular intervals using drip emails.
  • Keep a track on the success & failures of email campaigns with the inbuilt Google analytics feature.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Weather Forecast Channels

If you are searching for an incredible email marketing solution to publicize the weather forecasting channel across a wide audience, then this email marketing software is perfect for you.

Deliver the climate reports to all the subscribers through their mobiles, iPads & other handy devices by sending emails. Add pictures of weather conditions, climate forecasts, social icons & unsubscribe handle while customizing the templates with the email builder.

Email Marketing Service For Weather Forecast Channels

Attributes Of Email Marketing Tool For Climate Forecast Media

  • Create a different list of contacts by simply importing the contacts manually or by uploading a CSV file.
  • Email marketing personalization is one of the prime factors that will help to attract the recipient’s attention towards the emails.
  • While sending emails in bulk, chances are there that the emails land in the spam folder, but this software prevents this and ensures an inbox delivery.

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7. Email Marketing Software For Political News Agencies

Email marketing has proved as a bonus for the political news channels and other alike media houses as they can send the latest news to the customers on a day to day basis or at a fixed time interval.

This software enables to send automated series of emails informing the clients about the public & administrative field because of the drip campaigns. Send the new subscribers welcome & other political news emails as soon as they sign-up via autoresponders.

Email Marketing Software For Political News Agencies

Features Of Political News Channels Email Marketing Tool

  • To grow the political news channel network add powerful buttons, links in the email templates, along with pictures & social icons.
  • With the integrated email tracking facility, analyze the behavior of recipients & see what kind of emails works best for them.
  • Resend the same emails to those users who have not opened the news channel’s emails for the first time.

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Let’s End It Up!

Hope this roundup of top-class email marketing services has helped you to find a perfect solution for the e-marketing of the media agency. They all are packed with functionalities that not just ease out the whole process of online promotion an easy one, but they also provide an ease of customizing the features according to their convenience.

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