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If you are appointed by the government as a notary officer and you serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with deeds, power of attorney, foreign & international business etc.

Despite being a government officer and getting certifications from them, your notary firm is not familiar among the public then you can make your solicitor firm recognized by promoting it.

MailGet Bolt is an email marketing software via which you can send bulk emails to clients and can advertise your notary public service firm.

These emails are responsive in nature as they get customized according to the device used by the user.

Create & Manage Contact List & Get Verified Clients For Your Notary Firm

It is significant for you to build an appropriate contact list so this email marketing service enables you to add contacts of attorney public service applicant manually or by uploading CSV file containing the name and email address of the client.

Many times it happens that email gets spammed, bounce or come back undelivered. For that, list cleaning is the feature which verifies all the email addresses so that you can reach to your potential clients.

Stay Connected With All Your Notary Clients  Via Using Personalized Tags

MailGet Bolt allows you to give importance to the clients individually by inserting their name separately on the email as a result of which notary firm client will go through the entire email which also maximizes the opening rates.

Automate The Emails Of Solicitor Firm Via Drip Campaign

The drip campaign is an email campaign which automates your email sending process, just by setting date & time on pre-written emails regarding the notary firm like how clients should reach you, your charges, in which legal matters you deal, etc.

Compose Magnificent Email Templates For Signatory Clients

This is one of the best features which helps us to create spectacular email templates related to your solicitor firm. Just drag & drop the desired options like heading, text-images and drop it to the content blocks.

Email marketing service for notary public service

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