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Every business firm is adopting a particular solution for advertisement. Earlier flyers, sales promotion, pamphlet, hoardings, etc. were used to promote the business products.

But in this modern era everyone is adopting online tools for doing marketing. Among all the channels of advertisements email marketing is the best one.

So, to advertise any company or its products online you need an email marketing service to make it a top brand.

MailGet Bolt – an email marketing software allows to send bulk emails regarding the online advertising agency, this marketing scheme is cost-effective and easy to use.

Frame Outstanding Email Templates To Advertise Products Online

You can make stunning email templates via drag & drop email builder, this tool is a gem of innovation in the field of email marketing because of its easy to use functionality.

You can create numerous interactive & responsive templates for advertising the services online just by dragging & dropping desired the content & images in the fields.

Basic Text Editor – This feature allows you to send simple text emails related to the online advertising business.

Custom Code Editor – If you have any knowledge of coding, then you can compose your own customised templates with the help of HTML & CSS codes.

Segregate The List Of Online Customers

Business firms should be wise enough to figure out the several needs of the public. Hence to help in sorting out the clientele, MailGet Bolt facilitates you with subscriber segmentation option.

Now you can effortlessly categorise the various online customers in the different emailing list, based on their necessities.

Catalog & Auto Follow Up The Emails To Increase The Online Advertising Business

Drip campaign is used to send a series of mails in bulk to a number of online advertising clients at the pre-decided time that is chosen from the drip section.

The auto-follow-up email is available which can be activated when a specific email is not read by a customer. In such a situation, the same email can be resend on a particular day chosen.


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