Advance Contact Form Script Using PHP

Advance Contact Form Script Using PHP

This advance contact form script is designed using PHP. The main purpose of creating this form is to manage the user submitted entries through a dashboard.  It is totally secured with proper validations.

For example, suppose few users submitted some queries through a contact form and you want to see their queries and reply them accordingly, then to do that you can directly login into your dashboard and can reply them directly from their itself, for that you don’t need to mail them separately.

Apart from it you can manage the records i.e. can perform edit or delete operation on a specific record and can manage profile settings.

For Contact form you can visit live preview : Contact Form

To check the submitted entries check: Admin Panel

username: admin

password: admin

Key Features:-

Simple Contact Form:- 

Its is a simple form with proper field validations from where user will submit their queries.

Effective Dashboard:-

A powerful dashboard is provided where all your form submissions are displayed and one can easily manage that submitted entries like reply, edit and deleting the entry records from dashboard.

Messages Status:-

Here the messages status is meant by count of the entries that you will receive via contact form i.e. you will able to see:

  • Total new messages received
  • Total replied
  • Total message count on your dashboard

Account Settings:-

If you want to manage your account settings you can perform it through this option. it includes:

  • Profile settings: Here you can change your profile name
  • Password setting: Here if you require you can reset your account password

Send And Reply Section:-

This reply section is the most unique part that is been integrated in it. It act as a real time conversation. One can easily reply to the users from dashboard itself without mailing the separately. You can even able see the past conversation logs in it.


Pagination is the most required part that is used when the submitted entries are more. So now one can easily navigate from one page to another page.

Search Entries:-

Using this search entry feature you can easily search an individual entry that you want to look.

Internal Note:-

Internal note again it is the best part that you can use for internal conversations with your team.


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NOTE: Script once purchased, then no refund would be done in anycase.
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