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Changing lifestyles & busy schedule, driving the rush in restaurant businesses.

Today people don’t have time to cook. They just want delicious food, tasty & nutritious meals without fighting of food ingredients & dishes to wash.

From youngsters to old people, singles to couples, friend circles to working parents, all are demanding cuisines with some discounts.

Hence to offer best deals, offers, and combos of your food outlet, you have to send private mails to your customers.

At this stage, you can make your task so convenient by using our responsive email marketing tool i.e MailGet Bolt.

What Is MailGet Bolt?

It is one of the most flexible, easy to use & customizable online marketing tool through which you can send emails explaining about your restaurant services, facilities, coupons, newly added dishes & today’s special meal.

In order to extend your resto business, this tool is bundled with lots of marketing functions like Autoresponder, Auto FollowUp, Drips, etc.

Serve Fresh Flavour Of Bread Without Hassle Of Baking

Online aware your regular customers from your most recent food & restaurant services by sending them emails at regular interval of time. Such as they can order food by sitting at their home.

You can also schedule such mails by using Drips. You just have to create drip mail, set time & select day at the day you create it.

If any of your customers is pass on the busy schedule, he doesn’t have time to open your offer mail, you can now resend your exotic mail from Auto FollowUp option.

Examples of sending online mails-

  • Get 20% Off In Exotic Meals
  • Buy One & Get One
  • Order Now & Get 100% Cashback
  • Book Table & Get Dessert Free

Create Welcome Mails & Thank You Messages In Advanced

Whenever you see that new customer gets subscribed to your business portal, you really want to send him welcome message as soon as possible. Now you can easily do this by using Autoresponder feature.

You just have to create the sample mail in advance & adding the name of new client into your contact list.

While creating your welcome email, you can setup the layout of mail as per your way. Whether you want to send mail welcome note in a single line or design full structure using email builder.

There are 3 formats for creating emails i.e-

Basic Text Editor- Simply write text mail & edit formatting.
Custom Code Editor- Use HTML code to design email layout.
Use Pre-Built Template- Set mail by simply dragging & dropping.

Start Building Your Contact List By Adding Foodies Info

At the dashboard of this marketing software, create contact option is also available. Clicking on this option, you can build your own contact list. Here you can create multiple contact list by simply adding the email of potential clients.

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