MailGet Bolt – Public Service Advertising Email Marketing Software For Social Issues Announcements

Publish & Advertise Your Social Cause Agency With The Best And Effective Email Marketing Software

Public Service Advertising Email Marketing Software For Social Issues Announcements

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Promoting in non-commercial issue is a powerful educational tool capable of reaching and motivating large audiences.

If you want to aware maximum people about your social issue advertising company then you need to publicize at very superior level.

Try MailGet Bolt – email marketing software for public service advertising which is the best and responsive email marketing tool to send a bulk of emails and newsletter to the people all around the globe.

MailGet Bolt is adaptable, cost-effective and user-friendly email marketing service which will not only maximize the number of supportes but will also increase PSA deals.

Make Appealing And Eye-Grabbing Email Templates To Aware & Awake Public

Send tempting newsletters to your clients or potential supporters weekly or monthly. Deliver the emails right into the client’s mailbox & educate them about the advertisement campaign regarding no smoking act, don’t drink and drive act, human trafficking, save trees, save water, etc.   

Email templates are easy to design with Drag and Drop email builder. Just by adding the desired field like heading, images, social icons in the layout design area.

Email Templates Example:-

  • Switch off lights after using! Save electricity
  • Do not cut trees! Stop global warming
  • Smoking kills “ think before you smoke”

Maintain Contacts Of The Clients & Let Them Reach To Your Social Advertisement Center

It is very important for public interest announcement firms to maintain healthy relations with their customers. With MailGet Bolt you can add a large number of contacts manually or easily just upload CSV file containing the name and email address of your customers.

If you are not satisfied and want more subscribers, then place a subscription form on social sites, website, blogs of public service advertisement. People will sign-up the form their contact details or email, which will directly add on to the contact list.  

You can separate the contact lists, make your own list or delete any particular mailing list which is of no use. MailGet Bolt provides you following list, you can use according to the social cause desire:

  • Bounce list
  • Suspended list
  • Spam/Complaint list   

Take A Look At Some Other Important Features Of This Marketing Tool

  • Drip Campaign: Got any important work and don’t have time to send emails regarding public service advertisement? Now schedule a set of emails for specific time and date to let customers know about the advertisement features.
  • Email Inbox Preview: Preview the email before sending it to people watch it on the dashboard to ensure if anything isn’t misspelled, links working properly or not, heading or subject lines are perfect etc.
  • Auto Follow Up: This is a new & top-class feature of this email marketing service, which sends an automatic email to clients of social cause if they hadn’t opened the email in the first campaign.

Public Service Advertising Email Marketing Software For Social Issues Announcements Sales Cut

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