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Attract More People To Serve Benefits Of Soul Healing Retreat Workshops Via Email Marketing Service

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You provide the retreating service for the establishment of soul and plan the spiritual journey of self-improvement and self-realization.

Have you ever felt that you are doing some marketing for retreat services but it is not working as you want?
You might be putting the effort in the wrong way which is not that much effective.

Now adopt MailGet Bolt, an email marketing software for retreat planning service. This email marketing service provides you the best tool for building emails for spiritual awaking services.

This software is built to propagate business advertisements through emails into respective email accounts of the leads.

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This software provides cost effective and result oriented services for sending responsive emails in bulk.

  • Design various types of email templates for the promotion of upcoming soul awaking workshop in an attractive and tempting format using drag & drop email builder. As the name suggest this method is simply about of picking  & dropping the content field at desired place on the template page.
  • Compose simple text oriented and media free emails using basic text editor for your clients about the schedule, benefit and details of the workshop who wants to take retreat service and want to get revealed.
  • Code email template in HTML & CSS platform under custom code editor to create fully customized template giving the more sense of relaxing and soul healing techniques.

  • Keep your contact list clean and well managed by using list management. This feature will detect & create a separate list of bad and unsubscribed emails from the contacts, which will increase the delivery rate for retreat campaign.

  • Use auto follow up emails to reconnect with those retreat clients who have not yet responded to your previous promotional email. By opting this feature you’ll be able to stay in touch, increase in open rate & able to convert inactive users into active one.

  • Retreat service providers can adopt for two types of campaign services ‘regular and drip campaign’.  Immediate emails can be sent into bulk by simply hitting the send button in the regular campaign. While in drip you can plan the campaign to be delivered on scheduled date & time according to the planned workshop.

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