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Send Email Newsletter Using Gmail SMTP Server

If you are looking for a send email script via SMTP then your search stops here. This email sending php script is build using CodeIgniter framework and uses Gmail SMTP server to send emails.

It is simple to use and effective mailing script with login admin panel, that you can directly use in your application. It includes many useful functions that help you to organize and maintain your contact list and to send message from your website.

For your convenience the script is designed such that you can do one time SMTP account set up just by providing your Gmail login credentials and you are ready to send email.

How it Works:-

Suppose, you need to send bulk emails to one of your created contact list if not then you can create your own list or can even import your email list in .CSV format. To do that firstly you have to login into your admin panel and after creating mail you can select the contact list whom you want to send and then put your Gmail login credential to setup your Gmail SMTP server. Now you are ready to send emails to your users.

Feature Set:-

One step Gmail SMTP Account Setup:

Sending mails via Gmail SMTP server is simply a one step process, what you only need to do is, provide your Gmail login credentials to configure SMTP server and you are ready to send the mail.

Email Creation:

One can able to create a mail with parameters From, Send To, Subject line and Body text.

Mailing List Creation:

If you have a large user database and need to manage and organize it then you can manage it by creating a custom list for your contacts.

Import Mailing List In .CSV Format:

Import option will help you to import your contacts that you have maintain in .csv file in your newly created list.

Send Email To Groups Or Individuals:-

One can send bulk emails to group by selecting multiple contact list or to an individual email address as per need.

File Upload:- 

If you want to send email with attachment then you can perform that using this file upload option. You can upload format .pdf, .txt, .png, .gif, .jpg etc.



NOTE: Script once purchased, then no refund would be done in anycase.
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