If you want to promote your nightclub then you must have the best Nightclub WordPress Themes with specific features to churn out an appealing website page.

Nightclub and beverages outlets business niche are one of the highest cash flow businesses in the world.

A nightclub WordPress website is must, to show off your lucrative brand that sizzles with the young crowd!

Nightclub WordPress themes covers the full spectrum of online booking, ticket sales, exotic sliders, built-in contact forms, stylish widgets, videos and awesome galleries to create a perfect nightclub WordPress website.

Here we are narrowing 5+ Nightclub WordPress Themes that will surely draw long lines at the door of your nightclub!

Sift through some premium themes too!

1. Silent Rave – Silent Disco WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a theme that gives you a good amount of creative options for setting up your silent disco website, Silent Rave should be on your shortlist. This theme helps you to set seamless sequence of dance music of your club online.

Silent Rave is a flexible single page WordPress theme which helps to build a smooth scrolling and mobile friendly website. It comes with 3-column featured area and full-width slider facility to share the best photos and videos of your silent nightclub.

Nightclub WordPress Themes

Quotations of Silent Rave – Nightclub WordPress Themes

You can buy this effective theme at $79.

Features of Silent Rave – Silent Disco WordPress Theme

  • It has inbuilt SEO which helps you to increase your website rank by inserting effective keywords.
  • Silent Rave supports all the latest browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.
  • It has inbuilt testimonial section which helps to build goodwill of your nightclub.
  • Categorized gallery to sort disco club images for visitors ease.

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2. DiscoFreek – Disco Club WordPress Theme

DiscoFreek is another premium tool that comes with two theme layouts i.e. full width and box layout. You can use this WordPress theme to create your own stylish sliders at the homepage that display photos and other content from your nightclubs & disco bars.

DiscoFreek’s testimonial section has the parallax effect where your background nightclub image moves at a different speed than the foreground testimonial content while scrolling.

Nightclub WordPress Themes

Quotations of DiscoFreek – Nightclub WordPress Themes

You can buy this effective disco club WordPress theme at $79.

Features of DiscoFreek – Disco Club WordPress Theme

  • It has 10 predefined colours to set a perfect disco theme layout.
  • DiscoFreek is 100% fully responsive.
  • It has 3 widgetized footer section and business tagline area.
  • Supports video box on the homepage to make your website more attractive.

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3. CityPub – Pub WordPress Theme

CityPub is a fun nightclub WordPress theme that is well suited to create websites for bars, taverns, hookah lounges, brewpubs, nightclubs, breweries & a range of night time entertainment venues.

The eight colours in CityPub website theme will give the appealing website layout to your bar. The featured area of CityPub has the flip display that will help you to wow your visitors with eye-popping service photographs and their description.

Nightclub WordPress Themes

Quotations of CityPub – Nightclub WordPress Themes

Grab this versatile pub WordPress theme at $79.

Features of CityPub – Pub WordPress Theme

  • It comes with 9 column gallery listings and retina ready icons.
  • You will get free updates and it has good compatibility with all the plugins.
  • It has the custom footer and favicon uploader.
  • CityPub has layered slider which allows setting maximum 6 images.

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4. GrillBar – Sports Bar And Grill WordPress Theme

GrillBar is a modern sports bar and grill WordPress theme with good online booking and Ad Banner space capabilities.

The large slider image on the homepage design is great for promoting the broil to a far-reaching fun-loving crowd, while the inbuilt gallery makes it easy to show off a collection of images from interiors, the exquisite range of food, buffet organization etc.

Nightclub WordPress Themes

Quotations of GrillBar – Nightclub WordPress Themes

Create your bar and grill website with this theme at $79.

Features of GrillBar – Nightclub WordPress Themes

  • It has unlimited colour options and threaded comments for the visitors.
  • Get your website lover’s leads through the inbuilt contact form.
  • It supports video functionality on the homepage.
  • GrillBar has 3 column feature area in which you can add images and the short description.

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5. OnePage – Free Nightclub WordPress Themes

One Page is an impressive single page WordPress theme. It can be used to create the simple website for nightclubs and bars.

It is fully customizable. Moreover, you can enhance its functionalities by integrating premium plugins.

Nightclub WordPress Themes

Quotations of OnePage – Nightclub WordPress Themes

This single page template theme is free to download from official WordPress website.

Features of OnePage – Free Nightclub WordPress Themes

  • It has customizable sections such as – testimonials, blog, portfolio, video, services and pricing etc.  
  • You can create unlimited blog posts by extending its blog limit.
  • Allows you to add logos, change effects, and colours of your business section.
  • You can change the settings of the advance slider of the theme like transition effects, position, overlay and so on.
  • It can display your portfolio section in the hexagonal layout.

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6. Black Rider – Free Nightclub WordPress Themes

Black Rider is an excellent WordPress theme which is fully customizable with its powerful theme options panel.

You can set up your own logos, intro texts and background image of your nightclub.

Basically, it supports 5 widgetized areas and has admin Visual Editor for creating special styles for posts in the “Fullwidth” and “Gallery” categories.

Nightclub WordPress Themes

Quotations of Black Rider – Nightclub WordPress Themes

You can freely download this theme from WordPress.

Features of Black Rider – Free Nightclub WordPress Themes

  • Black Rider provides service highlight areas where you can add custom headings and subheadings.
  • This theme is compatible with every device.
  • It has a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user experience.

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Over To You

I hope you have found the best theme for your nightclub website from our compilation of 5+ Nightclub WordPress Themes 2022 (Free and Paid).

Do let us know about your likes, dislikes and overall website desires for your nightclub website in the comment section. We are just a message away!