The PayPal Sandbox is a virtual testing environment for testing PayPal application process request without touching any live PayPal accounts. In PayPal you can done payment via buyer email id or PayPal sandbox credit card.

In our previous blog post we covered PayPal’s different topic like PayPal IPN, PayPal Mass Payments, PayPal shopping Cart and much more. In these all example, we have made payment via buyer email id.

And we also cover PayPal, Credit Card Payment in PHP where we test this application via PayPal sandbox credit card.

In this tutorial we are going to explain how we can create a PayPal sandbox credit cart for testing application process in the sandbox.

Do follow steps for generating PayPal sandbox credit card

Step : 1   On Browser, browse

Step : 2   Now click on login button.

login-via-your paypal

Step : 3   Now login via your PayPal existing credentials.


Step : 4  After login, below screen will appear now click on the dashboard.


Step : 5  Now Click on accounts link.

paypal-now-click on-accounts

Step : 6  After clicking on accounts link sandbox test account’s business and personal email id will show. Now click on any business email id.


Step : 7  When you click on any business id, profile and notification link will appear now click on the profile link.


Step : 8  After clicking on a profile link one popup will appear which show different tab, now click on setting tab and on payment review and Negative testing.


Step : 9  Now click on  funding tab here you can see your sandbox Bank account details, your credit card details which include credit card number, expiration date and card type.



Note:  You can test your virtual sandbox credit card on our previous blog PayPal, Credit Card Payment in PHP  which explain how we can make an application where PayPal payment done via credit card.

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Conclusion :

Reading the above post will help you to generate sandbox credit card to test online payment via PayPal using a sandbox virtual credit card. Hope you will be benefited by that. Please share your feedback in the space provided below.. :)

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