Keeping an animal is nowadays a hobby, a passion and a good idea for many people. A pet is considered to be the life-changing friend in anyone’s life and a best friend also. People only look for pet stores to buy pets whether dog, cat, fishes, birds or any other animal. But sometimes it may not be possible to find a pet store near by or to walk down a pet store.

So why don’t you take your pet store to the world out there?

Yes, exactly that’s what I wanted to say, you can also reach them via an online platform. You can create a website using pet store WordPress themes. These themes let you create a website in a breeze. Like a simple drag and drop of images and texts is all what’s needed.

Pet Store WordPress Themes

Don’t wait anymore, create your website using pet store WordPress themes and give a new start to your business with lots of profit.

These WordPress pet store themes will help you in sharing the pet services offered by you and their photos, articles on pets, etc. In fact, a few of listed themes have also got WooCommerce integration so, you can take your store to the web and sell your pets, toys and related accessories there.

Here, we have hand-picked 5+ pet store WordPress themes for you. You can choose any theme to boost your online work.

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1. Colorway – Petcare WordPress Theme

This elegant WordPress theme integrated with Elementor page builder, so without any coding knowledge you can simply create a website for pet stores, animal care, cat shops, dog grooming, etc. It has various customization options like color schemes, typography, background, etc to enhance the outlook of the website to grab your visitor’s attention.

Colorway comes with WooCommerce integration where your customers easily purchase & pay for pet services. Also, you get a lead capture form that helps you to collect information from your customers.

Colorway - Petcare WordPress Theme

Price –

The theme is available at free of cost, you can download this theme from easily.

Features –

  • The theme provides numerous impressive sliders that can be used to depict your pet services in pictures, testimonials, videos & more styles.
  • Colorway provides AppointUp addon that gives booking form to schedule the appointments related to the services.
  • It gives you more than 30 different templates that are used to create & customize any kind of business website quickly.
  • You can share your website content from the social media accounts of the customers using social sharing icons.
  • Colorway is SEO friendly WordPress theme that helps your website to reach a large audience & get more organic traffic.
  • The theme is fully compatible with all modern browsers & devices.

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2. PetBirds Bird Shop WordPress Theme

You can use this bird shop WordPress theme for the creation of a website related to the bird store. Using this theme, you can charm your clients, visitors or followers with its overwhelming features. In this theme, you can add unlimited images of your birds in the gallery section, you can give tips on taking care of birds in the blog section and much more.

Within this theme, you can use various color schemes to change the look of your website.

Pet Birds Pet Store WordPress Theme

Price –

This beautiful and flawless theme comes with developer license and lifetime accessibility only at $79.

Features –

  • This WordPress theme has a full-screen slider where you can add images of birdies with the description, and business logo.
  • It has a navigation menu and a tap to call button. This tap to call button help your customers to contact you directly.
  • In this theme, you will find widgetized footer area and footer menu where you can add your contact details, social sharing buttons and more.
  • You can also share the experience and warm words of your customers in the testimonial section.

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3. Kittens And Cat Shop WordPress Theme

Cats are furry, beautiful, and lovable, even if they’re a little reserved. Kitten and cat shop WordPress theme will allow you to show all the features of your cat shop in the portfolio section of cats, upload their cute and playful videos in the gallery section and video section, etc.

This eye-soothing theme also has a lead capture form, with the help of which you can collect email addresses of your potential customers. You can also offer those customers offer or discounts.

Cat Shop Pet Store WordPress Theme

Price –

At the price of $79, this theme is providing you a lot like – cat grooming services, lots of spaces to display services etc.

Features –

  • This theme has a tap to call feature, which helps your customers to directly contact you only by clicking on that button.
  • It has a variable slider with custom menus which you can increase or decrease according to you.
  • In this theme, you will have a widgetized area to share your contact & address details and social sharing buttons.
  • You can use any color out of 8 color schemes for your website to look more beautiful.

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4. Pet Consignment Store WordPress Theme

Using this WordPress theme you can upload products, food required for your furry friends. This theme holds a lot which will help you to sell your products like clothing, leashes, collars, toys etc through your website.

This particular theme is integrated with WooCommerce where your customers can select their final products from the cart and pay for these services via PayPal integration.

With this theme, you will also find a lead capture form which helps you in collecting the details of your customers. You can give them new offers, discounts, events etc via email and can be touch with your regular clients.

Pet Items Pet Store WordPress Theme

Price –

$79 is the purchase price of this wonderful theme, with a set of 8 unique style colors to enhance your websites look.


  • In this theme, you will have a gallery section where you can add images of pets playing and using your products.
  • You can also write blogs and articles about the pets and their life.
  • It has a feature tab where you can describe your business and its objectives.
  • Using this theme you can write blogs, articles on pet care or any other related topic for your viewers to read.

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5. Pet Toys Store WordPress Theme

Pet toys WordPress theme is very useful for making a business website based on toy store for pets. This theme is one of the best WordPress pet themes. It also has a set of 9 predefined colors.

And as an icing on the cake, this theme has an ad space. So, you can advertise and promote latest updates in regards to the launch of any new toys or any upcoming events for dogs, cats, and other animals.

Pet Play Pet Store WordPress Theme

Price –

With 24*7 support, lifetime accessibility, and developer license, this theme will cost you only $79.

Features –

  • This theme is WooCommerce compatible, which means whenever a person buys anything from your website he can pay you money via PayPal.
  • It has a boxed slider where you can upload impressive photos of your products with pets playing with it.
  • You can write informative blogs about pets and give advice to your clients.
  • Your customers, visitors or followers can reach you by filling their details like – phone number, name, email address, etc, in a contact form.

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6. SaleJunction WordPress Theme

SaleJunction WordPress theme helps in creating a website for businesses related to sales of products. This theme is simply designed for E-commerce purpose so that anyone can use it and enjoy the benefits of this theme via an online website.

It has over 300+ active installations and still counting.

Salesjunction WordPress Theme

Price –

With the rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, this theme is quite popular as available free of costs.

Features –

  • You can write blogs and share them with your customers and clients.
  • It has a full-screen slider where you can add images and descriptive text to it.
  • On the slider, this theme also has a call to action button. When a customer clicks on the action button he will be redirected to the page where its description is given.
  • This theme is integrated with WooCommerce plugin, that means anyone can sell their products on the website and earn money.

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7. PetShop WordPress Theme

Pet Shop WordPress theme is a free theme and can be used by veterinary doctors, pet consultants, pet sellers, pet food sellers and other pet-related niches. This theme holds a lot of characteristics like – it is multilingual, customize menu, background, and more.

Pet Shop WordPress Theme

Price –

This theme is available free of costs and has up to 500+ active installations.

Features –

  • It has a blog section where you can write blogs and articles on pet or some other topic.
  • You can translate this theme into any other language using WPML plugin.
  • It works with drag and drops page builder so you can use any type of page layout.
  • In this theme, you can also add a featured image related to your pet business or some other.

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Conclusion –

Animals are the best friend of humans and there is no doubt in it. They are playful, lovable and most importantly they deserve our care and love.

These were the pet store WordPress themes which anyone can use who owns pet consultants, pet sellers, pet food sellers, pet stores, etc. All the premium WordPress pet store themes are SEO optimized, compatible with all major browsers and responsive to all screen devices.

We hope you find the best suitable theme out of all pet store WordPress themes for your website.

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