“Create a website with political WordPress Themes & spread your ideas among the common people.”

If you are a leader or a part of a political party then you might have thought about making your party more popular online too. The reason is that today’s generation is more attracted towards the online content of anything rather than its offline version.

Political WordPress Themes

Apart from it, a recent study has shown that more than 80% of people have a WordPress site for their business or organization. That’s why we’d like to suggest a list of 5+ political WordPress themes. Through them, you can create a political/governmental site.

Also, you can build some WordPress sites like news, polling, municipality etc.

You can also go through the blogs of other WordPress themes such as:

1. Polling: Primest in Political WordPress Themes

Polling is an effective political WordPress theme through which one can share the ideas about the political campaigns, candidates etc. Through this WordPress theme, you can display the thoughts of your political candidates in a precise manner.

Along with the info of candidates, you can also add their photos to it.

Polling Political WordPress Theme


  • This WordPress political theme charges only $79 as a one-time payment. So, you will be able to access it for the lifetime.


  • On its contact page, you can display the location of your office through a map in satellite & street mode.
  • You can showcase your recent blog posts on the blog slider section with a featured image, title & a little bit content.
  • Also, you will be able to add the accordion to display or hide any key points of your political party such as Election, issues, mission, etc.

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2. Political News: A Political WordPress Theme for News

If you have a political news channel & planning to make it more popular then you must try Political News. It is a WordPress political theme through which one can easily build a news WordPress site of political affairs.

Other people can also upload the videos on your site to spread the awareness about every aspect of politics.

Political News Political WordPress Theme


  • This WordPress theme charges only $79 for a lifetime. If you are unable to customize this theme according to your needs, the team of Political News can do it for you.


  • You can add the logo of your channel on both, header as well as a footer.
  • Also, you can add multiple videos on a single page under different categories. So your viewers will be easily able to watch the specific news.
  • One can display the contact details of its political party on every page of the site. So the viewers can reach to down to him without any inconvenience.

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3. EdenCommunities: A Municipality & Political WordPress Theme

For municipality/political websites, WordPress political theme is an effective solution. According to your business niche, you can draft a WordPress website of multiple templates. Also with its 9 color schemes, you will be able to groom your site for ultimate attractiveness.

With 200+ Google fonts, you can draft the content of your site with the way to uniqueness in outlook.

EdanCommunities Political WordPress Theme


  • It charges $79 (a one-time payment) & provides unlimited access & support.


  • You can add unlimited images on the slider with the desired info & a button to it. So the people who come to your site will be easily able to visit the particular page.
  • One can showcase the featured images of his site on the homepage in order to let people know about the work.
  • On the footer section, you can also add the videos for the info of your political WordPress site.

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4. PublicService: Public Sector & Political WordPress Theme

PublicService by InkThemes is WordPress theme through which you can create a website for your public sector organization. The political parties can use this WordPress theme to build a website for any of their project.

So, they can let the common folk know about their plans for future.

Public Service Political WordPress Theme


  • PublicService WordPress theme has a charge of $79 regular updates.


  • This WordPress theme is inbuilt with lead generation form in order to collect the information from the people.
  • On the header section, you can also add the call button through which people can directly call on your contact number.
  • Due to its unlimited sidebars, you can build a unique yet versatile website with lots of customizable features.

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5. One Page: Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme

One Page by InkThemes is a free WordPress theme with a single page layout. Through it, you can feature the essential features of your website of any niche. That’s why we’ve included it in the category of WordPress political themes.

One Page Political WordPress Theme


  • This WordPress theme is free of cost.


  • Due to its clutter-free feature, this theme is one of a kind with lots of customizable features.
  • You can frequently post blogs & display them on the homepage itself. So, the visitors to your site don’t have to get confused for any info on your site.
  • You can effectively display the content of your site with its full-width template with lots of tweaks.

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6. Cloriato Lite: A Versatile WordPress Theme

Cloriato Lite is an easy to build WordPress site of any category such as e-commerce, political, musical etc. Apart from it, you can build a political WordPress site with lots of customization in a couple of minutes.

Cloriato Lite Political WordPress Theme


  • Cloriato is free of cost WordPress theme.


  • You can add the search widget on the top of the header page such that the visitors to your site can easily find any information.
  • Also, you can put the posts of your site into multiple categories & assign them the archives for more easiness.
  • You can change almost everything on your site according to your needs.

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So we’ve discussed 5+ political WordPress themes which can help you to build a political website in a couple of minutes. Some of them are paid while others are free.

All of them can be converted into any language. So you won’t have to fear about the people who speak a different language from yours.

Some of them can help you to do polling, publish news, blogs and a lot more. That’s why you will be able to do unlimited experimentations with your site.

So just try them out & for any queries/suggestions, comment below & we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible!